Big win for the women

Arkansas came back from a 15-point deficit and defeated Wisconsin 69-68 last night when Malica Monk stole an inbounds pass and hit a layup with 4.7 seconds remaining. It was Wisconsin’s first loss of the season and Arkansas improved to 4-2. … irst-loss/

Arkansas is beginning to win some of its close games, which was an issue last season.

Down 15 and come back to win. And also another shot with 4.7 seconds remaining to win by 1. They won’t go down without a fight. Maybe our football team needs to watch them play and take notes.

Please pardon my lack of knowledge, but did this young lady have an older brother that attended Kentucky?

No. No relation.

Malica is older than Malik, and, no, they are not related.

One of the more disappointing days for me was when I read the headline in ADG that said “Monk commits to Arkansas” and on further reading found out it was Malica and not Malik. Looking back, I should not have been thrown off on it because the article was in “State Sports Briefs” section and not a front page article,

I believe that we finally got the right coach and he’s quickly getting very positive results. :smiley: :smiley:


That’s 2 late game wins in a week. Coming back from down 15 in this one.