Big win for Mike Anderson

70-67 over Arizona. They did it without 1 of their best players in Mustafa Heron. SJU now 11-2. I watched this game and he has a deep squad that plays extremely hard.


I think just about every coach has a deep squad. They just don’t play the entire roster as Mike does. It is risky and if you don’t make Sweet 16, it becomes a problem.

What does it mean if I have mixed feelings? I worked with Coach A and won a National Championship ring with him while he was an assistant to Coach Richardson. I absolutely love the man. Nobody was happier than me when he came back to lead us back to glory. But…He didn’t lead us back to glory. I will always be proud to see what he is able to accomplish now, but I’ll always be sad that he couldn’t get it done here. Arkansas should have been a no-brainer, win and retire, job for him. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’m happy to see that his fire has seemed to return to him, but I’ll never understand why that happened only after he lost his “dream job.”

Mike’s time to go. Let’s move on. Wish him well.

Yea it was Mikes time to go as the recent HC, but he wasn’t a flash in the pan hire here nobody knew.
All those glory years here with Nolan plus his last stint as HC gives him over 30 years connected to the program, so he will never be completely gone.
He didn’t work out on the court with W’s and L’s and NCAAT’s but he did clean up other areas of the program.
Wish him well.


He was somewhat snake bit here. He did have some success here and would still be our coach if just a couple of things had gone differently. I wish him nothing but great things with the Johnny Storm, but I’m also pleased with the coach we have now.

Only time I won’t cheer for Mike Anderson is when he’s playing the Hogs.

Maybe you are trying to be fair and balanced, but I just don’t buy that.

If you think he had lost his fire and it has returned, he hasn’t done anything at St.,John’s yet that he did not do at Arkansas. Yes, he has two Top 25 wins at SJU, but he has had many at Arkansas.

It is too early to say either Musselman or Anderson has done it at their new places. One or two defeat non-conference records are not uncommon at Arkansas.

Mike’s best team here ran into a North Carolina team that went on to win the NC. And we had them dead to rights at the last TV timeout. If he wins that game he’s still here IMO.

I have been a big fan of Mike since when he joined Nolan in his first year at Tulsa in; I believe '76 or '77. Nolan had just been hired and I had recently moved to Tulsa as he was announced. I went to the Tulsa campus that day and bought two season tickets for me and my buddy. Best move I ever made, great tickets.

So I have been a huge fan of Mike for over 40 years. I have heard people I respect complain over and over both his removal. We have another coach now, a good one I believe, and as fans we should all support him.

Doesn’t mean we can’t still support Mike!

It was a good win for Mike and SJ… I have another team to yell for and enjoyed watching them knock down an Arizona team that seems to be in the Top 25 regardless of record every year. Now listening to that 7 foot redhead ramble about everything but the game gives a quick and intense headache that leads to the mute button.

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That game was the turning point of Mike Anderson’s career at Arkansas. I think Swine is right. If we had won that game, which we should have, Anderson probably would still be roaming the sidelines.