Big Win - But What Still Bothers Me

First and foremost, Devo just can’t get a second foul that early in the first half. Ouch. We are simply not the same team with him on the bench. Ok, I thought it was a bad call, too.

CV at -9 for ± minutes. He’s been playing very well of late, but the athleticsm of the Bama players completely took him out of the game. I’m wondering how many other top 25 teams (those we might play during the next few weeks, have the look and feel of a Bama.

Without Moody’s 19 FTs, we probably lose that game. And, we missed twice as many FTs as Bama shot.

Smith only had 12 rebounds.

Before the game, I was thinking that maybe Desi would have a great game, we needed his athleticm, but his minutes were seemingly without statistical contribution.

Did I say I’ll miss Moody next year. Also 5 rbs, 4 assists, 1 steal, and 3 blocks. Gamer.

What bothers me is what coach Oats said after the game. That they lost at a place like this???

I thought Desi looked very good on defense and helped frustrate and disrupt the Bama offense


ONLY 12 rebounds???

That bothers you?


reed, Oates was saying that the Crimson Tide seniors had never won in the Bud. They really wanted to win here, for the first time. Sadly, we kicked that arse!

If you spent your entire college basketball career in Bama’s gym, I think that it would be really fun to play at Kensucky or at Arkansas, where fans are jacked up and the gym is beautiful and great, not to mention the history of our program.

We can take our place for granted, but I doubt most visiting players do.



I don’t think young players on a national level think much about Arkansas basketball’s history at all. Just like I didn’t much about UCLA’s history when I was growing up. I never saw Wooden coach. And UCLA has a lot more basketball tradition than Arkansas.

Like young Cowboys fans too. No idea what happened 25 years ago. Ancient history.

We need to write some new history. Maybe that is in process.

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Geez only 12 rebounds, how many would you like from Him? Unreal

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response withdrawn

I thought the same thing as you and Docestes. In retrospect though, I think that it must have been a facetious post since it followed the positive post about Moody. Surely that is the case

Yes, sarcasm. Tough crowd here at wholehogs.

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Well in fairness, the sarcasm was buried in a post that was mostly critical


Is there a link to Oates’ comments?

Absolutely. Today’s college students weren’t even alive when Arkansas was still somewhat nationally relevant in the late 1990s. Much less the run we went on from ‘89-96, with 6 Sweet 16’s in 7 years.

There was no real intention to say anything critical or negative in my comments.

Nothing about the win bothered me. Arkansas played fantastic. But what did bother me was seeing at least 4 Arkansas players celebrating with fans after the game w/o masks! Made me uncomfortable. Someone should’ve stepped in and removed the players immediately.

Would hate to see a potentially great season derailed by COVID.

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