Big WEEKEND SERIES Braves & Mets

Mets red hot and Carrasco hasn’t allowed an earned run in his last 3 starts. Braves have won the game in Wright’s last seven starts. Got the stats from a writer, didn’t look it up. Maybe I can catch one of these games next few days, NO broadcast here tonight out West.

Five game series as I understand.

Yup, doubleheader SAT. Musta had a rain out. Even more interesting. Won’t be a split, somebody will gain at least a game. :sunglasses:

No offense to the American League, but the NL race the next several weeks and the playoffs should be really entertaining. The Padres, Dodgers, Braves and Mets all look like potential World Series teams.

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Mets impressed me sweeping the two games w the Yanks, we’ll see if they can keep it up and handle the Braves at Home.

Entering the series both in top 5 in baseball in winning %. Mets (4th), Braves (5th). Mets take game one to move up 4.5 games.

My Braves are Live/die by the home Run type team. The problem is with the Mets we don’t get people on base in front of the home run enough. Mets won two out of three in Atlanta even though we hit 6 home runs but only scored 8 runs that’s how you lose series.
They are putting the ball in play more than we are and last night they look like us with 4 home runs. We need to win at least two or three of these games just stay close. We have 4 more in Atlanta in about a week or so after all those games are over we need to be within two or three games are in the lead. Can’t be 8 or 9 out and expect to win,not with their pitching.

Coming off the World Series win, could be the situation where there really not going to be motivated until the playoffs start Y. The Mets, new manager and they are pushing to get back, been a few for them.

I would rather win the division LOL having to go through the extra games against the great teams that we would have to go through is not something you want to try to do again. Hard to flip that switch on at playoff time.we got to start playing better or we’re not going to beat the Mets the way they’re playing.

Mets win 4 of 5. deGrom back for only his second game of the year and takes a perfect game into the 6th.

Mets clearly the better team, absolutely no comparison whatsoever. Braves will get in as a wild card, be lucky to win a series as much as they strike out… 19 today!that means 6 1/3nnings the defense did nothing but watch the game! DeGrom had 12 in 5 2/3 innings. He only got 8 in 6 inn against Washington high School in his first outing should tell you how pathetic we were today.

Meanwhile the greatest franchise in the National league handled the yanks

It’s getting closer to October which means it’s Cardinals time

Lots of folks been handling the Yankees for about a month now.

I don’t think anybody in the NL is going to handle the Dodgers when Kershaw and Bueller return. The Dodgers were World Champions in 2020. I look for them to win it all again. They are loaded.

The Mets definitely came to play against the Braves, but there’s still a lot of baseball to be played, so I know better than to brag or anything. Plus, the Braves are a legitimately good team and could certainly take a playoff series, so I would be thrilled to have the added advantage of winning the division.

Cardinals just always seem to play at a high I.Q., which will always keep you in a baseball game, so they are never fun to play because you have to play well in all facets of the game to beat them.

I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, “Beltran, Wainright is going to the curve, THE CURVE! SWING , FOR GOD’S SAKE!” :laughing:

The NL is must-see tv right now, which is great for anyone who is a fan of the game.

The Mets have a chance with DeGrom and Scherzer. The Dodgers smoked the Mets when they played but neither one of those were in the rotation.The Braves have played much better against the Dodgers than they have against the Mets because the Dodgers try to hit home runs like the Braves do. The Dodgers are the best overall team but the Mets with their great 1-2 punch and great closer are the biggest threat for sure.

Max Scherzer is my favorite pitcher. NO BS, just give him the ball and he is ready to pitch. What a horse. He is old school…real old school. I love to watch him.

The best overall team based on WINS, just glancing back over the last few years, probably not quite 50/50 they win the Series. The Dodgers did have the best record in 2020, they won 43 games in the regular season. Was Roberts only WS Championship as a manager, he gets roasted by the media, I guess he’s supposed to win it every year. Roberts was on a WS Champion as a player too. How many can say that?

Dominating a team in the regular season, I don’t think means a lot either. Whoever gets hot will win it.

That’s another season where my Braves let the Dodgers off the hook. Blew a 3-1 series lead against them.

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