Big week starting tonight.

Goes without saying, but what a huge week for the outlook of our postseason chances.

First thing that really concerns me is that both Vandy and OSU can shoot the 3, each are shooting it right at about 40%. That’s obviously been a defensive issue with us especially when we press and trap. The pick and roll defense against good guards also leaves shooters open with the way we’ve been defending it and then helping down off the wing. It will be interesting to see how Mike plays it as both have young guards who could be susceptible to pressure but are very talented. Personally, I hope to predominantly see hard nosed, half court M2M with our bigs showing hard then sagging back on the high P&R. Add in some token pressure here and there, especially tonight.

I think we match up a little better with Vandy, who’s not as deep and explosive offensively. OSU on the other hand ranks in the top 10 nationally in PPG and loves to get out and run. That could make for an entertaining game Sat but also a dangerous one as they usually start fast and I could see us digging a first half hole that’s nearly impossible to climb out of.

I’d be just fine with a split, 2-0 almost locks us into the field barring no major collapses, 0-2 digs us a huge hole that would require winning @UF or @USC to climb out of.

Time to put up or shut up.

Understand what you are saying, but I don’t think it would put us in a position to “must win” against SC or Florida. If we lose those 4 games we would still be 23-8, I think I’ve finally convinced PIG, 23 will get you in. Now, we wouldn’t have any room for error, but we’d be right there.

Having said that, I’m not sure anyone left on our schedule is playing good enough right now that it’s definitely a loss. My assumption is that we will only lose two (USCe and Florida), but as you saw with Vandy, we aren’t necessarily gonna get beat.

Two road wins would look good on the resume. But neither one would be a “quality win”. Okie Lite is barely top 50 RPI; a home loss to us would likely knock them out of top 50. Vandy is only top 60 even after beating Florida.

Our remaining good chances for a top 50 win are at SoCar, at Florida and maybe the home games with Ole Miss and Georgia, both in the 45-50 range right now.

24 W’s were in
23 W’s we are a high bubble

Whoever we beat or lose to.
Obviously road wins help the cause at 23 W’s, but home losses could counter that as well.
22 W’s we pray.