Big Time PG enters portal

Yuri Collins of St. Louis U. led D-1 in assists while averaging 11 ppg.

Speaking of big-time PGs, noticed Mike Anderson landed Andre Curbelo from Illinois.

Don’t suspect we’re in the PG market at this point though.

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Normally I would agree. Until today, I’d be quite content to take the point guard position and paint it Black. Now I feel the greed creeping in. Has Black signed yet?

I think there’s a point when you can’t keep adding when you already know 1 player has to leave to keep the players you have signed.

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Yeah you’re probably right. This kid is really special and proven though. I was quite surprised to see him entering the portal today. When I saw it, I immediately envisioned him in a Razorback uniform.

Black is formally signing at 5:00PM this Wednesday at his school, per his Mother.


Rumors are rampant that Muss isn’t through in the portal. But I’m doubting a PG is what he’s after. A 3-point threat, maybe?

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I must not understand basketball recruiting at all. Sure seems like we’re over on our numbers, especially if J-Will stays.

Of course we are. So there are four possibilities:

  • JWill leaves.
  • One of the other three returnees leaves (Jaxson would seem to be the most likely here, but who knows?).
  • One or more of the people we just plucked out of the portal doesn’t make it to campus. They’ve signed FAAs, so we’re bound to them, but they can “voluntarily” back out, especially if we find him/them another place to go.
  • One of the freshmen doesn’t get here. Black is the only one who hasn’t signed. IMO this is the most unlikely of the four possibilities.

Of course, if Muss isn’t through in the portal, two people have to go away.

Well, that was kinda my point. Something has to give. I hate offering something and then backing off it. So in my mind, the worst option is reneging on a signee. I can see encouraging someone who was here & rarely played to seek greener pastures. I’d also hate to lose J-Will.

I trust Muss knows what he’s doing, but I sure don’t.

I used to worry about that during Nolan’s glory days. But as Nolan said, “the numbers have a way of working themselves out.” :smile:

Aren’t all basketball scholarships still one year. If so, there is a 5th possibility. If a current player doesn’t care if he gets any minutes and just wants to stay and get the free education, the coach can just not renew his scholarship for next year and tell him he can continue in the basketball program as a walk on. That would also probably be a terrible idea.?

To anyone in the know……does Cade Arbogast being on scholly now (possibly not at the end of semester) factor into this equation down the road? Just curious.

Everyone is essentially assuming that Cade went on scholly for one semester only.

I was listening to Pat Bradley’s podcast recently where he interviewed Coach Muss about 2 weeks ago or so. Muss said Arkansas was done recruiting for '22-'23. Now moving on to '23-'24 and beyond.

I guess things could change in 2 weeks. I think the only roster movement we’ll see is if JWill does indeed return to Arkansas for next season. I think the Mitchell twins are set to play at Arkansas next season despite the speculation, so if someone moves on it’s either JRob, K Johnson, or both.


No. There isn’t. A kid isn’t going to hang around if he gets his scholarship pulled; for one thing, the free education goes away . Roster limitations alone prevent that.

Of course it’s a 5th possibility that Muss has to free up a scholly. Of course the player would not stay. You posted 4 possibilities that Muss had to free up a scholly. There are 5.

Do you have to be on scholarship to get NIL money?

Ah, the proverbial can of worms….

Taking someone off scholarship, but them getting NIL money instead?

Sorta like giving football players scholarships on the swim team (which Bama used to do)

If the player loses his scholie, he’s leaving. Thus it falls under one of the three returnees leaving, which I listed. I didn’t specify WHY he was leaving.