Big time choke job

That was pitiful.

Yeah, teams don’t ever get beat by a better team. If we lost, it wasn’t because an all-world pitcher had an all-world night. It wasn’t because our BP was depleted. It’s because we choked. SMH.

We choked.

The pitcher was good.

But a freshman should never sit down 20 straight against a team considered to be one of the top 3 offensive teams in the country.

He made us look like school girls.

You are right of course, but I can understand the frustration after coming so close. Game 3 was better. It was over early and most everyone knew it. I don’t mind losing big, but I really hate losing when it is so close and in this case down to one pitch.

School girls. Would love for you to tell each player on our team that face to face. I’d pay good money to see that in person.

They did, it was bad that’s no secret, we watched it for 9 innings, 6 straight of 3 up 3 down. Doesn’t change how I feel about them, I love the teams no matter what. They just didn’t have it today, they looked awful.

But you don’t know me, because if you did, you’d know if I was coaching that team that’s exactly, exactly what I would’ve said to them.

When you have a game similar to last night in football you have a week or so to try and get over it.

Arkansas lost to Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl about a month after the shootout in 69. Arkansas lost to Miss St. a week after the Stoerner fumble.

Did the best team win tonight? I would say so, but it’s hard to regroup a day after a game where you know you had a chance to close out the series and win the NC.

I think overall Oregon State was the better team, but obviously Arkansas came one out away from upsetting in game 2.

But the Razorbacks won the first game because of Blaine Knight being a rock star and Luke Heimlich melted down.

Boy, ignorance is bliss. Our team got beat by the better team. I played for Van Horn and I can assure you sir that they did not choke. Ignorance

OSU outhit us on the year by more than 20 points. Outscored us by nearly 40 runs despite a lot fewer homers. ERA was 0.30 lower. No, they didn’t play in the SEC, but they steamrolled LSU and Moo U and then us in the postseason. That’s 6-1 vs. the SEC if I remember right. Beat Misery State like a drum twice in Springfield too. They’re the better team, but that doesn’t make last night any less painful. Maybe more, just as we should have beaten the superior team on 12-6-69.

There’s a reason that OS had 55 wins & only 11 lossses this year.
We saw why. Lot of skill & 1st round draft picks & a little luck.

The better team won and the fact that we almost pulled off the NC is a testament to this team.there is a reason OSU has 4 1st round pick,they are loaded,I knew when I saw them play in their regional they were the best team we had played,they have the best lineup in the country and their #3,4 hitters are the best anywhere.great bullpen with 2 dominant LH pitchers(something we are really missing outside of Cronin).
I am proud of this team they got the absolute most out of the talent we had.I love Hrs but would gladly trade them for more .330 hitters who don’t strike out and can really run and Bunt etc.Pitching staff needs more dominant LH in it and I know we are bringing in several so hopefully they are impact type guys. we can get back to CWS but will have to have a team designed more like OSU has to really have a great shot at winning it.

Abel was superior. Pat Casey, the OSU coach, said after the game that he’d be a first round draft pick in two years, that he is one of their best ever pitchers. That was the difference in the game. Abel just was stellar. I don’t know about choke. I do know that momentum was on OSU’s side after the Wednesday game. Casey also said that the dynamic of a three-game series is that when a team wins game one and doesn’t close it out in game two, the momentum is big for the chase team. He said all of the pressure was on Arkansas. He’s probably right.

we had our chance. the foul pop up we botched will haunt us. should have never gotten to game 3. if the team felt like the folks at my house for game 3, no energy, down, defeated, what could have been attitude, then it is understandable the game we played in game 3. i think they had deeper pitching, much better hitting, and were sounder in bunting, moving runners over, providing the big hit, etc. i think their coach did a great job. he changed batting orders, players, pitchers, etc. i think the key was their pitching strategy was better than our hitting strategy. kudos to osu.

that being said, what a fun year, what an exciting team, what a great year. i know its disappointing, but looking back i never had so much fun watching razorback baseball. had our ups and downs but played for national championship, had a chance to win it all, you can’t ask for much more than to actually win it, and if we had caught one foul pop up we would have won it all. such is life…

proud of our team, on to next year.

They had a great year but missed their chance. We blew out our bullpen trying to win game two. If we had been sitting there with Knight ready to go in game three maybe we would have had a chance, but I would not have bet on it. Just too big a mental blow to overcome.

It was a great run, but it does leave a little scar for the fans. The best thing for the players is that most of them will be going right into summer ball or the minors, and playing games will be the best medicine for them. It might be hardest on DVH.

I do have to say that the poster who started this thread about choking never made a single post about the baseball team since the first of the year until the meltdown on Wednesday. Sometimes I think some people on here are just waiting for a chance to bitch.

I felt sorry for Kasey Murphy and Matt Cronin. Cronin was gassed. It was pretty obvious. His velocity was down and he was missing way high at times. You can’t make him pitch that many innings and expect the same results. As someone said, the championship was won in the ninth inning on Wednesday.

I know Pat Casey is a great coach. That is pretty obvious also. However, I don’t particularly like the guy. He seems to me to be a prima donna cry baby.

I had a great time watching those guys this year. I hope some of the drafted guys return for next year. Go Hogs!

The game hurt this team and Hog fans but in 10 years the talk about the '69 game will still have much more loathing. What this team and staff did do was something not a single Hog football or basketball coach has done in decades… play for a NC. It was a beautiful ride and a great distraction from the ongoing mess of a football program we have endured in what seems like since the Ice Age. Among other things it proved we have the best baseball fans in America and the Hog brand and recruiting will only get better. DVH will be back to the CWS and he will win one… something that no one in their right mind would predict for either Hog basketball or football in the foreseeable future based on history.

Yep…Casey’s a tool but he coached his butt off. They had to play 2 more games and really juggle his pitchers because their starters (until last night) weren’t effective. Situationally, they were much better than us. After watching OSU, I think I would rather have a team that leads the league in doubles than homers. We just couldn’t get it out of TDA with the wind blowing in like that. Too many pop ups and K’s. That’s what happens when you’re trying to jack it out all the time.

Honestly, it’s ok, but you have to call an ace a ace. Regardless of what you think or what anybody else think. They choked, it happens…but reading Oregon St. was the better team and all that is an excuse. We gave the series away, no if and or buts about it.

:lol: :lol: Yup. Me too.