Big Things for Pittman

Continuing the discussion from Rundown of what Sam Pittman said on a Zoom call today:

I just watched the Zoom PC from today. I cannot express enough how optimistic I am about Sam as our coach. Every time I hear him speak, I realize more and more why his players want to play for him. He’s honest, forthright and credible. And a fundamentally nice and respectful man, with no ego. He also knows the kind of football player needed for the SEC. And best of all he loves being at Arkansas. Greatness. I’m expecting big things over the next 5 years out of him.

One of my TN friends texted me today worrying that IF Pruitt wins at UTK he’ll leave them to replace Saban when he retires. I told him Saban would die on the job but one thing I believed was that Sam has found his forever home in Fayetteville. I agree with hawgjawbend.

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