Big Ten is considering winter football

Enough indoor stadiums in the Big Ten region that they could possibly pull this off in spite of bad Midwestern weather. Teams would play all their games in Detroit or Indy or Minneapolis or one of the other stadiums with a roof. Northern Iowa has one. The Milwaukee baseball park could conceivably be used I guess. Start the season around Jan. 1 apparently.

Not that we’re considering it (or couldn’t play outside in January if it came to that), but the stadiums with roofs in the SEC area are Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston (two of them) and Arlington (two of them).

Isn’t this becoming a bit overly complex? If you believe that it is wrong to play–and you’ve already made the difficult decision to cancel the season–then stick to it. I get it; it’s a LOT of money that you’re giving up, and there are parents/athletes/students/donors who are upset.

But, where is this idea going? Are they going to try and play the PAC for a Winter championship? I wouldn’t count on that. The PAC seems to fly by their own rules. So, what are you playing for? Why should any starter–and I mean even your place holder on field goals–play? I would tie Justin Fields to a tackling dummy like Odysseus was tied to the mast of his ship as it sailed through the Siren’s grotto before I would let that kid potentially ruin his top 1 or 2 spot in the draft.

They might get short term exclusive tv rights, but I’m not so sure that the rest of the country is going to care. You’ve got three major conferences still trying to play right now. That’s your college football season. These games would be akin to exhibitions.

This seems to me to be a potentially bad idea. Stick to your guns and cancel the season, or try and work with the other three conferences and play.

Just my initial thoughts.


I agree that if we cannot have a regular season football program, then forget it for this year. Here in Georgia some high schools have alfready cancelled the season and from what I see about college campus’s it looks less likely for college football. I do think it would be better to not have a season than trying ot patch one in half ass later.

They didn’t cancel the season. They postponed the season. Big difference. This would be starting it indoors in January rather than outdoors in maybe March.

The Big 10 is concerned the SEC, ACC and Big 12 will play and a new national champion will be crowned, and they won’t have a representative. If they play in the winter, they could claim a share, I guess.

I am more concerned about students in grade school, junior and senior high and college students than I am about whether or not we play football. I think we are going to have to have online classes until this spring or later, unfortunately.

When the Big10 cancelled or postponed the Fall football Season, did they also cancel all of their
football practices or are the teams still on the field preparing for a winter or spring season?

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High School Football starts here in March. Is that right or wrong? Who knows

High school football is on right now in TN. First games Friday.

They are allowed to work with their players 12 hours per week, no hitting. That’s from the Division I Council so. applied to all FBS and FCS leagues that postponed.

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