big sunday now over.... hard to keep up

i wonder what will happen next sunday

with a firing comes a vacancy
with a new hiring comes a new vacancy

its like a math riddle to keep up

riots on the streets in tennessee

just a crazy day

and some big coaches coming to SEC

jimbo to TAM
i am hearing a lot of petrino to UT talk overnight as well

I know Elvis is alive in Memphis and pushing for Norvell.

UT fans’ big objection to Schiano was a moral one. That won’t be a problem with Petrino because he’s won more ball games. :lol:

I think that was just a smoke screen. I think they just didn’t like the hire (after all Gruden wants to come) and used that as the reason to stop the hire.

Bingo. The Penn State stuff was just a smoke screen (for most) here in TN many actually bought in that Gruden was headed to Rocky Top. But beyond that they wanted a big name coach. And got Schiano. I’ve never seen such an immediate and focused attempt to bust up the negotiations. Social media and television media was all over this deal (and not in a good way). Added was a beef that Peyton Manning has with Schiano over ordering his team to knock down Peyton on a knell down play at the end of a Denver game. Peyton ran over to Schiano and cussed him out after that game. And Peyton is king here in TN. I can’t believe Currie settled on Schiano to begin with - Rocky Top is screwed for now.

While I absolutely agree that ut fans biggest objection to Schiano is he’s not local, he’s not nice, etc; and that the Penn St. thing is only the red herring, in light of the brouhaha now surrounding the Schiano fiasco, Petrino is as remote a possibility as them bringing Kiffin back.