Big road game coming up Tuesday

This game may tell us more about how good this team really is than any of our first 4 games. Tulsa just beat UTA worse than we beat them. We can’t take them lightly on their home court and expect to win.

At least 35 minutes of good solid basketball and we’ll come home with a nice win, and another good step in our prep for SEC play.

Are you saying Tulsa is the test or being on the road? There will be no fans at the game but it will be different rims. Considering all of our starters played on multiple rims just last year I don’t think that will matter. But Tulsa will be the best opponent we’ve played. So we should win by 12-16

If I remember, at the end of last yrs game their jerk of a coach got upset about something, you know he will remind T U of that and get them fired up

Big whoop. We have 4 starters that weren’t playing here and couldn’t care less.

I hope we bury them, for sure

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It’s not just the fans that make a road game tougher. It’s the preparation change, environment change, and it’s this team’s first road game together.

There’s obviously a reason that, for many years, Vegas sets lines 6 points apart for a home vs road game against the same 2 teams. It’s a reality that’s been proven over time.

I’ll give you that this road game is not a typical road game, in that it’s a short bus ride with no overnight before the game. That’s assuming that Muss didn’t decide to do that anyway, regardless of the distance.

I was surprised they beat Arlington by 15. They have some real size so it will be a tough game. Being in Tulsa if the game could be attended there would be a ton of Arkansas fans at that game. IMO it’s a real game. Better play well or we will get beat.

Sure 6 pt advantage. Fine. Maybe this year it’s a 4 pt. Either way that’s an average of all teams, right. This team brings that average to 4 from 8.

We better come ready play

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I really don’t care if they beat Arlington by 15. We would’ve beat Arlington by 25 if we hadn’t gotten complacent and sloppy at the end. We will win this game by 20. We are talking about Tulsa. Coach Richardson ain’t coaching them in polka dots anymore. I have no doubt Muss will have us ready. I’m confused about all the hand wringing about this game. I really like our team, and I especially like it playing a glorified scrimmage against a team with no fans. We have the better team, and in a battle of wits between Muss and Haith, I’ll take Muss every time. Go Hogs!

I am confused. I looked at S Carolina’s schedule. Who did they lose to that we beat by 30?

Look. I fully expect the Hogs to come out of this game with a solid double digit win. If they play a solid game that’s what will happen.

They don’t have to play a great game to do that. If, however, they play half the game like they played the last 8 minutes of the UTA game, it will be a struggle. Especially on the road.

That’s all I was saying.

I don’t disagree with anything you said, Harley. Actually, I usually agree with your take on all things basketball. You seem to know your stuff. All I was saying is there is no reason to fear Tulsa, as long as we take care of our business. I just don’t see us repeating the last 8 minutes of the UTA game again. Muss will have us ready. Go Hogs!

I sure hope we don’t. Muss may break his hand on the scorer’s table.

We need to move up in class… it will help going forward. Jeremy is right, we should win this game comfortably.

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As to TU beating UTA by 15, need to remember that it was UTA’s fifth game in 10 days with the last 4 on the road. They were probably dragging by the second half.

And Muss slowed the game down. I just can’t wait to see this team play against real competition. So much fun to watch and yes we will have some growing pains but I can’t remember a team with so many that can score.

I’m not sure “fear” is the right word, but Tulsa has played a couple real teams. We’ve played Mississippi Valley and Lipbalm (or something like that).

Lipbalm was tied with Cincinnati at the half