Big pickup off the portal for LSU

Adam Miller was a top 35 recruit from the class of 2020 and was an impact player off the bench as freshman for Illinois. Don’t understand all the defections from Illinois.

I wish the NCSS would can SAO’s as_

NCAA…I hate Wade

I blame and hate the NCAA almost as much as Wade. The FBI practically handed Wade to them on a platter a couple years ago. Yet the NCAA has done nothing so far but let Wade and LSU continue in their cheating ways! The NCAA enforcement arm is totally inept.

The NCAA is as bad as the UN: corrupt, neutered and laughable. Money and influence misplaced. Similar to the lies inherent in fiat currency, look to the blockchain as a way to decentralize decision making. The NCAA needs to be replaced.

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I keep telling you guys until there is evidence of Wade and LSU actually making the payment, nothing is going to happen. Making an SAO is not enough.

NCAA knows this, LSU knows this and Wade knows this. That is why LSU recruiting continues as before.

He has not learned. :sunglasses:

Since when is an “admission of guilt” on a wire tap not considered evidence?

It is admission of making an offer, not an admission of making the payment. Isn’t it?

As I said before, Wade should have been fired and penalized over this, but I can understand why so far nothing has been done. After getting my hopes up, I have quit thinking about this,

Of course Wade is guilty. Everyone knows it. The NCAA as usual only punishes the smaller weaker schools.

Maybe I am behind on this. Did the FBI conclude that the payment actually was made to the player as was offered? It it was, then they can investigate the link. And if they have not been, certainly that itself should be investigated as to why NCAA hasn’t.

But if the payment was not made, I don’t know what they could investigate.

I think it was all considered “just talk.” I do believe it comes down to whether or not the NCAA and/or LSU believe they would prevail in court. I’m not saying Wade would win in court. But he might and that scares everyone.

Still don’t see them being very good this year.

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