Big Papi elected to Cooperstown

In his first year of eligibility. Nobody else. No Bonds, no Clemens, no Sosa, no Schilling, all of whom fall off the writers’ ballot next year and would have to be added later by other means (if at all).
I’m not particularly a Red Sox fan, but man, did David Ortiz rake it in October. And a lot of other times.

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I am a Sox fan and Big Papi was my favorite.
You are right! He was clutch for Boston. I don’t know if they had broken, (reversed), the curse without him.
I got to see Papi and Boston play Tampa Bay Rays a few years back. I wish I had been able to see them in Fenway.
Good for him!

Well deserved… loved Big Papi… very fortunate to be alive after getting shot several years back… I’m glad he got elected though he was lot of fun to watch

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I went to a Sox-Mets game at Fenway in May 2009. I remembered the Mets won, but not many details, and I wasn’t sure if Papi had played or not. But I just looked up what I think was the right box score and Papi was 0-4 that night.

The Sox lost the game to the Rays the night I went. Papi just missed a HR and managed only a double out of it.
They walked him a couple times if I remember right.
Tropicana Field was a really nice park. I enjoyed the game, even though the Sox lost.

What a great personality to go along with his baseball skills.

My mother-in-law lives in Boston and couldn’t name a single player in any sport (even Tom Brady), but she giggles like a teenager at the prom when she saw Papi striking out or advertising a product. The man has it.

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