Big opportunity for Wicklander

Looking forward to seeing how wicklander handles his first true road experience you can’t count USC as one. I really see him as a weekend starterand this may be a great audition to see if he can handle it. I know LSU and ole Miss have some very good left-handed hitters so we will see how he handles it tonight if he can avoid the walks I think he’ll be fine

Agree, big opportunity. However, I think playing USC in LA, and his home state, was quite a road game for an early season venue for a freshman.

I hope the young lefty comes out throwing darts wherever he wants. He has plenty of movement to keep hitters off balance so it could down to getting calls. He may have to pitch to contact. That’s my fear!

I don’t think Wicklander is a pitch to contact type,his arm angle creates desception and gets people to swing at pitches that aren’t really strikes,so I think he will always be a strikeout type pitcher,if he just avoid the walks i don’t see him or really anyone doing a whole with him.
This is not a great offensive team they went from the 2nd inning Sat until the 6th inning Sunday without a hit. against Texas tech.

…but everything counts. He didn’t handle USC obviously, quite understandable for a Fresh. So yes, very interesting to see tonite
if the young man can relax and pitch his game.