Big news

Kel’el Ware is going to make an official visit to Arkansas on June 1st.

It was to be an unofficial visit.

Other plans are:
Memphis June 5th unofficial
Pangos All-American Camp June 6th
Texas June 20th official
Working out the details for Illinois, USC, and Oregon


Starting to feel pretty good about all the in state guys. Would be surprised if we don’t get either Ware or Smith.

So, Ford and Ware are visiting officially the same weekend. Are they friends? Could this be a sign of a package deal? Muss is definitely stacking up the top 100 2022 visits. It suddenly seems like the Arkansas kids might get their spots taken by some out of state studs, and they are taking notice. At least I hope that’s the case. We are a top flight program again, and I would love to keep the best Arkansas kids at home, but Muss is recruiting nationally, and I have no doubt that RD is right…our 2022 class is gonna be bonkers, just based on the percentage of top 100 players officially visiting! We are officially back, baby! Go Hogs!

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I would push back on Arkansas being a top flight program. Arkansas is certainly trending upward. Another Elite 8, or Final 4, and then I’ll agree with your assessment. No doubt that instate recruits appear to be showing renewed interest in Razorback hoops.

Vey encouraged by this news on both Ware and Ford.

I don’t know if things have shifted for Smith, Ford and Ware. I hope they are. But did you really think those three won’t take an official to the home state school before making a decision? I am not reading anything into this.

There are pros and cons for being the first visit or the last visit, I kind of wish they were visiting Arkansas last, I just sense being the first visit in this case is not good.

We are on lots of talented players, our Arkansas boy’s are getting told we are filling up the Muss Buss early. It’s important they know the seats are limited and we want them, but it they want to drag their feet, we have to take the next highest on the board. This is not the old staff, these coaches are on point.


That’s pretty pessimistic, PJ. IIRC, KK and Moses took their first visits to Arkansas together, and look how that turned out. You were all doom and gloom about us getting either one of them, and we got them both. The Arkansas kids are being shown they are a priority, as they should, but they are not stupid. They have to see that Muss is gonna sign a lights out class, either with or without them. And one more thing, Ford and Ware didn’t have to make this visit official, but they did.


In addition, they are going to want to feel comfortable that he will still be our head coach the next few seasons. I think his new contract added to their excitement about the prospects of Arkansas going forward. Thank you Hunter Yurachek.

Moses’ expected high first round draft choice has also helped with these top recruits. IMO, it’s all beginning to fall in place for Razorback basketball. Just don’t need to stub our toe this next season.


Actually Moses took his official with Bryce Thompson and Matthew Murrell and on the same weekend as Kelly Bryant. Will never forget how our fans focusing on Kelly and ignoring Moses did not sit well with Moses family.

And for KK, I have never said he wasn’t signing with us. And I have not said that he wasn’t coming back next season, because he had not played last season and he was not in a position to use last season as a leverage to find a new home, However, I have said that signing of Lykes is probably not what KK wanted to happen.

And for Ford and Ware, I need to see something from their camp to feel better about them. One positive sign is Ford attending the Razorback camp, I just don’t get the same vibes with them as I get with Bryson Warren.

That’s GREAT. IMO, he’s the most important Arkansas recruit to the Hogs’ continuing success, since Portis. He quite possibly will be replacing an NBA bound Devo.

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