Big news for D-line recruiting


Well, RD I got to ask - do we have an advantage with his Aunt and Grandmother living by Fayetteville ?

I think that for sure helps.

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So Arkansas does want him on the D-Line.


Excellent news! And people are complaining that May is a “slow month”

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Markis would be a great addition on either side of the line. Highly recruited young man from the Dallas area that would help boost the recruiting in the talent rich DFW area. Really hope that we get him.
So many highly rated players visiting the Hogs. I don’t think i have ever seen or heard of this many 4 star recruits visit in one year.
Sam and all the staff are doing a great job and are investing a lot of time in getting these young men to Fayetteville.
Looking forward to seeing the results on the field in the years to come.

Any idea as to when he will be making an announcement RD as I don’t think I saw it in the article.

Will have more soon but he plans to make his decision before his season.

Cody Kennedy was at practice today. Bama, TCU and Baylor there too.

Thanks RD!

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