Big News: Cronin out, possibly with mono … case-mono/

What horrible news! I hope the young man gets well soon! Not just for the baseball team but for him
Personally that a tough bug to get over.

Oh well - better now than in 3 or 4 weeks. At least he should have time to recover and get some strength back before post-season. But there’s no guarantee he will get back to the performance level he had achieved over the last month or so.

wow lets just hope he’s not out long…no way we can do it without him

Having suffered through mono myself in college, I’d expect him to be out 4 weeks or so. It’s not necessarily that he’ll be too sick. It’s the loss of energy mono brings. I don’t see how a closer could be very effective with it. And you also have to worry about spleen problems with overexertion.

I never had it, but had some friends who got it. It seems to be a young person’s disease. I don’t know that to be true, but it seems to be a common affliction for college students.

I hope medical treatment has improved for it since my college years, but from the sound of things, there’s not much way he misses much less than a month. What’s bad is that he might not be full strength the rest of the season—just when we need him most.

Is this something that can be lighter for some people?

Hope he recovers soon & recovers fully.

Well, did a quick Google search. It told me most of what I already knew or should have known. Because it’s a virus, there’s no real curative treatment. Just rest, fluids, & pain relievers for sore throat. Not terribly contagious, but can be spread by sharing food utensils, etc. Usually takes a month or more to fully recover. Sufferers need to avoid heavy physical activity. It can affect the spleen.

So, bottom line if he’s got it, we’re not likely to see him at all until post season unless he’s got a very light case. Whether he can be an effective pitcher after such a long lay-off is questionable. Maybe he can, but probably not for more than 1 or 2 innings. Might lose some of his speed. Sucks for him & for the team.

I hope he hasn’t been kissing any of his teammates…

Now that we have no midweek games, I wouldn’t be surprised if Loeske is the closer.

Reindl did a pretty good job of closing last night, but Loseke is another option.

Yeah, but the problem is we have 3 games per weekend. This really hurts our BP depth.

Mononucleosis is an infection with Epstein-Barr virus

It is debilitating in symptoms but completely self-limiting.
No treatment but general support

Athletes who get it are restricted from sports activities because it causes enlargement of the spleen (which is essentially a huge lymph node).
There is risk of rupture of the spleen with strong physical contact, such as football or basketball would risk. Now I don’t know about a pitcher, since he should not be subject to contact. But really, he won’t feel like playing anyway until it’s safe to play.

It may be six weeks

as stated it is EBV, I am recovering from Bell’s palsy and EBV was a question in searching for a source. Strong link to chronic fatigue syndrome. I’d bet on 6 weeks for complete recovery.

Actually several maladies have been suspected of being related to EBV, but mostly none proven

The chronic fatigue association is pretty much gone by the wayside.
Bell’s palsy has been speculated to be due to unidentified viral infections, but again, none definitively proven