Big news coming from UA Women

Keep your ears on. Big announcement coming later today about an opponent in a little more than a week

UConn coming to town.

have always been a big fan of UCONN and had always hoped that the Razorbacks would play them…i like our chances somewhat better than 4-5 years ago but this will tell us how much father we have to go…plus it won’t hurt our NET ranking either…win or lose

I wished Walton could be full

And we thought it was hard to find an alternate quality team during COVID. Maybe women are better negotiators. LOL.

I’m guessing he sold Geno on letting Christyn Williams get a “home” game.

I live in Connecticut. The Lady Huskies are continuing to rebuild after some dud recruiting classes 3 - 4 years ago (Cristyn Williams not included). The coaches were unwilling to run off some recruiting mistakes. You can do that when you have 15 scholarships instead of 13. Their # 3 ranking is legitimate. Freshman PG Paige Bueckers is the real deal (consensus # 1 recruit nationally). Am not sure the Hogs have someone who can guard her.

thats UCONN’s policy to try and schedule a game in the area their players are from…the game with UALR was called off due to the pandemic…that was Christyn Williams"home"game

Kudos for UConn coming here on short notice. Geno definitely did not have to do it. Can’t wait for the game! Go Hogs!

Many teams try to get their players at least one game close to home. Probably helped when UConn’s UALR game fell through. But Neighbors’ foresight was a big part, too.

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