Big New Entry in Transfer Portal

No idea if we would have any chance, but I bet Muss at leasts checks in.


Interesting he wants to play fifth year of college ball.

Interesting he wants to play fifth year of college ball.
IF he wants a very good shot at winning a NC,I’d say the UA Razorbacks would be as gamely as any! WPS!

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Gee, who thought at the beginning of the year you could legitimately say if he wanted a better shot at the National Championship he should transfer from
UNC to Arkansas?

Good player and better kid, Was ACC preseason Player of the Year. For whatever reason did not achieve anything close to that, had a somewhat mediocre senior year after making great progress from a freshman to a junior.

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He must have got along great with Hubert Davis.

This year the Blue Bloods became Red Bloods like everyone else. Kinda funny…

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Seems very likely he ends up at Miss St where his dad is an Assistant Coach

Yes. He was Miss Stare bound out of high school, if I remember it right, until UNC entered the picture.

Hubert Davis is a very likable guy and everyone got along with him, including Brooks. Arkansas has some kids wanting to leave and Muss and Pittman are certainly likable, so that is not always the issue. UNC’s weakness was a young and inconsistent backcourt, the front line was talented and incredibly deep. Brooks, Sharpe, Kessler, and Bacot were all around 7 feet, all very talented, and Williams usually played 2 bigs at a time. Sharpe declared for the draft and Kessler and Brooks are in the portal (although Davis is trying to talk Kessler out of it), changing probably the best and deepest front line in the country to only Bacot. We’ll see what happens, but whoever gets Brooks is getting a great kid who was loved at UNC and still is.

Kentucky is trying to get one of Kessler or Brooks. Looks like Kessler is down to Auburn or Gonzaga based on media reports.

Many thought Brooks could be Mississippi State bound, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. But still I think Brooks ends up at a SEC school.

Hmmm, Arkansas is in the SEC! How about an amazing finish to the Hogs’ transfer signees.

New Hogs’ starting line-up"
Lykes - PG
Devo - SG
Umude/Toney - SF
Williams/Umude PF
Garrison - C

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