Big money

Boosters better be ready to go out and double someone’s salary.

They got us in this mess chasing a pipe dream, they damn sure better get us out of it!

They better be willing to write a check for millions. I bet they have their tails tucked right now.

What mess are we in? Do you know the facts or are you just reacting stupidly to hearsay?

Maybe I am, I hope so!

It just doesn’t pass the eye test.

I think that should be SMELL test, not eye test, but I get what your saying.

If someone gets their salary doubled, it’s because they weren’t making much.

I’m not close enough to smell, just close enough to read. L o l

But yeah

I should make “so little”!

JK - I know what you mean, in the context of Power 5 HC’s.

But I’d do a lot of things I wouldn’t admit here for $1.9 million - for even ONE year!


What I hate are the extended 5 year contracts that make for huge buyouts. That’s the horrible position almost all schools find themselves in unless it really it paydirt with its coach. That just about limits it to Alabama, Clemson, & Ohio St.

But like you, Wiz, there’s a whole lot I’d do for $1.9M. One of the things I’d do is not coach the Razorbacks. CBB is getting paid a whole lot not to coach them. I’d not do it for a fraction of the price & not do just as good a job as he is. :smiley:

Speaking of big HUGE money, was just told by a Miss St alum that Mullen was hired away to Fla with a six-year $36M contract. Not verified, but if true that’s big money.

That wouldn’t surprise me.