Big-money college hoops programs

Presented for comment. I have no idea if these figures are correct, but the schools are required to report to the federal Department of Education; I access those figures frequently at Equity in Athletics.


The most surprising name on that list to me is Marquette. They play in a 17,000-seat arena, true, but I’m not sure they sell it out. However, since they don’t have football, their entire Big East TV package can be credited to basketball, and that may be where that comes from.

almost willing to bet too that the majority of UCONN’s revenue is from the women’s program but the difference may be closing now that the men are relevant again

I don’t buy some of those. South Carolina above Tennessee?

South Carolina’s women’s team generated about $7 million more in revenue than Tennessee’s in the latest reporting period. Tennessee’s men exceeded South Carolina’s by about $4 million.

UConn’s men generate three times the revenue of the UConn women, which is not surprising to me.

That’s interesting Matt. I would have thought Tennessee’s women would draw much closer to So Carolina than vice versa on the men’s side. Maybe it’s the expenses.

Nebraska and Cal were pretty shocking to me.

UCONN charges more for men’s BB tickets than women’s tickets. The TV contribution is probably greater too.

Relevant again? Not sure on that, haven’t they won like 3 NC in the last 10-12 years? 5 total

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I just wonder what all is included in these figures. Does Duke have astronomical ticket prices, given their arena seats <10k and they have a huge student section? Do designated booster contributions figure in this? How does Texas make more than we do?

And on and on….

I’m pretty sure they do.

Actually Dook’s student section is not that big. About 1500 in a 9300-seat arena. They just position them for maximum visibility. They get away with it because the fat cats get the armchair seats and the students are standing in bleachers.

I looked up Dook’s donor requirements. To keep two of those fat cats seats is $7000 a year. To get two new seats is $8000 a year. Or more. If there’s more demand than supply, they start at the top of the donor list and go down.

Oh yeah. the Big East men’s deal dwarfs the women’s.

I can say from painful experience that Duke does have astronomical ticket prices.

last championship prior to this years was 2014 i believe so thats 9 years…the other 3 were1999.2004.2011

That’s still 3 in the last 12 years, I’d love that myself and consider it relevant


Oh, we also averaged a National Championship every four years in the last twelve years. It has a certain ring to it.

It shouldn’t, but it does frost me to see Texas ahead of us in any basketball related rankings.

If they are going to be ahead of us in any one of them, it would be this one…Longhorn fans have shown over the years that they will fork over $$$ for a substandard/under-achieving product on the field/court.

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This past season, the Hens averaged 12,942 attendance in an 18,000-seat arena. Tennessee averaged 8,150 in a 21K building. (We averaged 3,767, 24th in the country). UConn averaged 10,255 with home games split between campus (10K capacity) and Hartford (16.3K).

On the men’s side, Mustard averaged 18,781, 5th in the country (right behind us). The Poultry averaged 10,470, which IIRC is about what they drew for us when I was there.

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