Big money boosters

I stopped worrying and did some thinking. Question: do big money booster, and I mean big big money boosters, have too much influence? I have read on here, that some fans think they do. Well, lets think about that for a minute. Do we need big money boosters to be able to pay the buy out for ADs and coaches? We probably do. If I am a big money booster, which I am not, wouldn’t I want to have some say so in what direction we are going, who gets on the short list, what amount of money we are going to pay coaches. Now I am not an insider by any means nor a big money booster. But if I were and the powers at the U of A came to me and said we need you to give us $5,000,000 to pay off this Coach so we can get someone else. I am going to say, " you want me to do what so you can do what? If you want that can of money from me, you have got to give me more specifics than that and I want to have some say so in what is going to happen." Now, I may be so far off base that I am still in the dugout. Just little old me thinks that if you want big sums of money from me , and I mean big, then I want some input in to what is going on. I not parting with that kind of money on blind faith. I am sorry, I am just not going to.

I agree with that drhog. I’d want a little bit of something for 5M.

Not trying to steal your thread but for the last 20 years or so I have always thought with all the money in NWA and Little Rock and the Walmart gang and the Jerry Jones, Tyson, JB Humt type guys and companies we should be in the top 15 in college sports. I have argued with many people over this very subject. The foundation and money coming in we are some of the few self supporting teams in the country. All sports included.

Now, how many big boys due we have? Take A&M I keep reading that we don’t have near the money as A&M, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, and on and on. So where on the list of the SEC schools where are we money wise. Jeff did a good job getting money from the big boys, but the guys like you and me Dr have been just tossed to the side. IF we want a coach do we have the money to get him no matter the price tag?

I guess I’ve been looking through those Rose colored glasses. Take the new BB practice facility. For a while I actually thought that that wasn’t needed. Boy was I wrong about that. In a short period of time look at the results.

Just going full circle, so if I give 5M should I have a say? OR should something just be named after me?

Good question drhog. And the more I think about it I’m not sure what the answer is.

Can some one here shed more light to answer drhog and help he understand where we are in the money standings in the SEC and even in other conference’s??

The state of Arkansas continually ranks in the bottom 5 of millionaires per capita of all states in the U.S. … 0-2014.pdf

The Walton family has given more than any I’m sure, but it’s been to the academic side (which I would much rather see). They gave $300 mln about five years ago.

But to think we could use our “big money boosters” to rank in the top 15 is simply laughable when other states have more means than we do.

Consider the root of the problem. We have built contracts that basically say if we have enough “money” we don’t have to honor them. Coaches can walk with if they are willing (or their new team) to pay the buyout and teams can fire for no reason if they are willing to pay the buyout. If a person is not performing their end of the contract, the relationship between the two should end, no buyout necessary. Otherwise, honor the contract. Our commitment to honor our word has escaped our culture.

I agree, if given the chance 99% of fans would want their voice heard.

Those with the loudest bank, get the chance to have theirs heard.

Which doesn’t mean that they SHOULD have their voice heard. A chicken company CEO or a banker or an orthopedic surgeon may know his area of expertise very well, but it doesn’t mean he knows a damn thing about how to run an athletic department or a football team.

Oh I agree, trust me.

But that’s just how it goes, everywhere.

Always will.

Big boosters influence: same argument applies to national politics and your taxes and health programs, for instance. You and I have little say in things, and the boosters run the direction of the country.

The weakness is not money, it’s ego. The more money I give the more my ego needs to be massaged. It is difficult for the university to determine what’s in its best interest. Do I do what I think is right and possibly lose needed revenue or do I do what my revenue source wants and potentially embarrass the university? It remains an issue of integrity.

To me this became personal! I am worried how this works out! I do think many mistakes to go around. But I think we as a program messed up!

All major programs have influential money boosters. Look at OSU… without TBoone Pickens do you think OSU would the program they do? Do you think Gundy would be the coach if he had Belemia record after 5 years and Pickens not saying anything? It’s just the way it is.