Big minutes for the big 4

Beard 42
Macon 41
Barford 35
Gafford 33

Going to have to get better production from out bench than we did today–Not a good game for CJ, Hall, Bailey, Trey

Great win against a really salty team

Agree. Not much help from the bench. But, career games for Macon and Barford.

I thought we had a lot of nerves today. Lots of unforced mistakes, bobbles, etc.

This is an accurate post. Some folks are calling for Mike to shorten his bench He has ALREADY shortened his bench. Especially for his style.

Heart won today. That and great play from the 4 above. In order to have a chance to win the SEC and perhaps go Sweet16 deep, we are gonna have to get better play from Trey and CJ especially…as well as the rest of the bench.

The Vols were a step up in competition. They are really good offensively but even better on defense. The Hogs have struggled against teams with good defense. I wonder how playing a lot of minutes and having to score so many points will affect Macon and Barford next Tuesday at Starkville. To get out of the game today with a W was big.

I get your point but to me, worry about their minutes is a bit overblown.

They play about 40 games a year. None are back-to-backs. And, about 20 % of them are laughers.

There are also about 15 timeouts a game between called and TV timeouts.

I just don’t see it as a huge concern–especially for the upperclassmen.

Yes, we don’t want to see the Vols again anytime soon. Good team that plays good defense and is tough inside. They are well coached and gave us all we could handle. I see why they are ranked 19. Those senior guards were the difference. Our younger bench guys need to bring it if we are to have real success. Can we borrow a couple of those powerful front line guys from Tennessee…if we could …we could win it all.

Obviously we can’t get one of the Tenn frontliners. But what we CAN do is hope that Arlando Cook can keep playing well…improve in fact…and get more minutes. We need him to play well. Highly sought as a JUCO but hasn’t done alot. We need someone to spell Gafford without a huge falloff on the defensive end. Trey is just not good enough defensively.

Agree with this. The only time this would be a concern is in a tournament format where they are playing back-backs. They’ll have 2 1/2 days of rest and treatment. They’ll be fine in Starkville.

Edit: Also, I think they’ll be extra fired up for Mississippi St. There was a little back and forth this summer between our players and theirs after the whole Reggie Perry situation. I think they’ll be looking forward to putting it on them.

A lot of talk about the lack of bench production today…good news is, we didn’t need the bench. When we have, its been there. A backcourt goes off for 61 in same game, bench is less important.