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I was worried about this class for awhile, but really seems to be going off the rails now.

Don’t knock the kid. He can play. He moves very well, good with his back to the hoop and can face up. High BB IQ.

It will be nice to have someone post up, feed the ball to them and they have the moves to score. I miss Alonzo Lane.

Interesting player. At a glance it’s like, what? But watching him a lot, he does a lot really really well. Hands and touch and range are great. Added strength and conditioning and he’ll be trouble. Runs well, athletic guy. Has skills.

Downside is I haven’t seen much defensively, not that he can’t defend, he’s athletic enough and has good feet, just haven’t seen much. Other is he plays under the rim.

Overall though he would be a fan fav, and nice addition.

Reminds me a bit of Caleb Swanigan, the former Purdue player. Obviously I realize Swanigan was a 5-star recruit and is a bit ahead of where Mack is right now, but both these guys have around the same build/height, soft touch around the rim, high IQ, and great footwork.

Edit: Also found this video of his 15 minutes long get to see a lot of his game… Wow, he’s really a beast in the paint and he can stretch the floor and shoot the 3 ball. I see why Virgina Tech was trying to lock him down early. … nF3Cs77hwE

I’m sure this guy is a good kid but he has had plenty of exposure on the big circuits and is still not even a top 250 recruit an still doesn’t have much high major interest.

If we are going this route it’s bad news and it looks like a one step forward, two steps back sorta deal.

Poor Mike tries so hard.

Have you even watched the kid played or know anything about him? How are you going to bash him and the staff and don’t know anything about him other than his ranking.

First off, if we go by your logic, Bill Self, Bruce Pearl, and Rick Barnes are taking two steps back by offering Issac McBride, because he’s unranked by most services and the services that do rank him currently have him as a 3-star, 247 has him as the 345th rated recruit. Yet, Bill Self just tried to get him to commit last weekend. Poor Bill Self, he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Second, if you follow recruiting you know these rankings aren’t final, most of them are not reflective of their recent performance over the summer. There’s a lot of guys including McBride who I mentioned earlier that will be rated higher once they update rankings, these 2019 kids rankings will adjust at least 2-3 more times before it’s final. Plus, BJ Mack is headed to Oak Hill Academy, which again if you follow recruiting and high school basketball you know this is one of the premier prep schools that get a lot of exposure he’ll definitely have an opportunity to improve his ranking there.

Your point is why I despise the “star rating” system so much. I get the idea behind it, but the reality is that what has developed is that 99% of posters in forums like this ONLY know the rating of the player - they have NO legit understanding or insight into the REALITY of the player or his game.

Before the star gazers start chirping about how the championship teams have the higher star ratings, I have said for decades now that on a MACRO level, there is “a” correlation between star rating and winning (not as strong as most think, however). But on the individual player level, that correlation is dramatically diluted so as to be next to meaningless. To say it another way, for someone to not know anything about two individual players other than that player A is a “low 3 star” while player B is a 4 star, and then to deride taking a commitment from player A solely on that basis . . . is asinine.

Averaged 12 and 6 for CP3 on the Nike EYBL circuit, which is very solid. Looks like he may have peaked early in his high school career. Below the rim type, but polished skill-wise.

You have a way of viewing everything in a tunnel and not in totality. They have just one scholarship to work with. They are recruiting this kid, CJ Walker, Kai Jones, Will Baker, Derrico Williams and some more all for that one spot. Obviously they like him. They are just keeping all their options open. I don’t see anywhere in the article where poor Mike says he is my top guy.

You can go ahead and take CJ off that list. Same for Baker if he didn’t come up to help his sister move back in.

It will be a bad loss for the Gators and Coach White if an in-state kid like CJ goes elsewhere.

Other than him not being a top 250 recruit, what do you like or not like about his game?

CJ seems very interested. I’ll wait to mark him off Arkansas’ list until he marks them off his.

His top 5 coming up in a hour or two.

I think what he’s referring to with CJ is McPherson has already come out and said Arkansas won’t make CJ’s top 5.

Ouch DD. Bit behind on CJ there.

Well, obviously don’t have my mind in it today with the death in the family.

Trying to get out of NWA, but weather hasn’t been cooperating.