Big Lakia Henry news

I’m hearing he’ll arrive on the Hill Sunday for an unofficial visit.

That’s huge. I like Russell a lot, but Lakia can contribute day 1. Really need him

Awesome!!he is an absolute stud would love to have both him and Russell but if I had to choose there’s no doubt it would be Henry he is a great player!

I’ve been told by someone who should know that he really wants to be a Razorback and one of the biggest reasons is he wants to play beside Scoota.

Would we have him for 2 years?

Yes - 2 years

I want BOTH OF THEM!!! We need BOTH OF THEM!!! If we can’t get Russell it will stink (especially if he goes to the Aggies) but boy would we be helping ourselves out for the future if we got both.

This is fantastic news for sure though and a great sign!!

If we get Russell, our young linebacking corps will include Zimos, Parker, Russell, and Pool. We need Henry now, but that group is something to look forward to.

RD, heard anymore on this? He told a Texas insider after his visit that he didn’t know if he was gonna come to Arkansas tomorrow

Just told he will definitely be here. Expected around noon.

Great! Is he suppose to announce on Wednesday where he will sign?

Catfish Hole will be the deciding factor.
He calls the Hogs!!!


Hopefully he’ll watch the Super Bowl with our players and coaches and take note of the two defensive players who were former Hogs.

Both coached by our current defensive end coach. Can’t hurt.

A big get at a need position… I feel optimistic.