Big hitters?

Since it’s slow, who are some of your favorite big hitters that the Hogs have had?

I’ll start with Chris Houston. I’m fairly certain that we never had a cornerback that hit like him.

He wasn’t highly recruited as I remember. Like a lot of Nutt recruits, he also played basketball in high school.

He ended up playing several years in the NFL.

Vaughn Lusby and David Barrett fit that mold, too. They would light you up.

But they don’t really compare to guys like Atwater, Hamlin and Kennedy. Tony Bua is in the conversation, too.

If you are talking about linebackers, the conversation starts with Wayne “Thumper” Harris and Dennis “Dirt” Winston.

The lineman I always mention first was Loyd Phillips. Dan Hampton and Billy Ray Smith Jr would light you up, too.

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A couple not mentioned who stand out to me are Kiero Small and Sam Olajubutu.

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Malcolm Sheppard.

Martrell Spaight

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Heston Kjerstad looked like he might be able to lay a good hit when he knocked over that Texas first baseman a couple of years ago in Omaha. I don’t think anyone would object to him being called a big hitter.

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Wayne Harris

I saw Wayne Harris hit Don Meredith in Little Rock. Out cold.

Dennis “Dirt” Winston hit Anthony Davis so hard, so many times, I bet AD still remembers those licks. That was in Little Rock…the Hogs beat USC. The real USC…Southern Cal.

Loyd Phillips was a terror. BIg, fast, strong and mean…people ran away from him.

The hardest lick I ever saw by an Arkansas player was a hit by Kenoy Kennedy on a receiver from Kentucky in Little Rock, Houston Nutt’s first year at Arkansas. I truly feared the player would not survive that hit. After a long while, the player did get up. How? I don’t know. But he did, thankfully.

Wayne Harris

Wayne Harris was called “The Thumper” for good reason.