Big Hit Bob goes deep

I think we’ve seen that bat flip before…


Go ahead Bob Moore which yo bad self

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He’s not patting his head as he rounds second any more.

Ole Baseball Bob Moore took a lot of heat on this board about his hitting. Hope he makes it big time in the bigs…

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yeah I never did hear what that was about.


Currently batting .248 with an OPS under .800 in his minor league career

Not on the ABL stats I’m seeing:

Four hits and three of them left the yard.

Average MLB batting is .250
2022 OPS average was .704

Average batting. Excellent glove.

He’s far from facing average MLB pitching tho’

I hope he makes it

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I’m a dinosaur, but to me, Moore is the kind of player that should be worried more about hitting line drives than launch angles. He should be hitting behind the runners and bunting them over. He should choke up with two strikes and put the ball in play.

Instead, he swings from the heels on every swing.


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Good point. I’m with you on hoping he makes it.

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