big game

big game today for resume. i heard its a sellout and if so that is great. plus the ladies play a ranked team that smoked us last year tonight. hopefully will be a great day for our basketball programs.

hope we come out hitting on all cylinders, and the crowd rattles these boys from indiana. big game for early in the season. sec hasn’t been all that great in non conference matchups so we need this one. go hawgs

The crowd can only make a difference if these young hogs give em something to get excited about. The key to this game today will rest on everyone around Gafford.
If the others can score that will force Indiana out of double teaming Gafford.
Joe, Bailey and Jones will have to get hot!
Harris needs to control the tempo and keep the pumkin moving to the open man.

This would be a huge win!

They are better than us. They can beat us handily. But, I also think we have a chance, too.

You always have a chance! First you have to believe you can beat any team in the country on a given day. It will take a team effort.

Just make the FT’s at home.
All will be good.