Big Game Tonight - For LSU

Well, they’re at home and they need to win this one, because they have a return date in Fayetteville. Our Hogs are the road team, the underdog by 6 points - which means the pundits don’t even think the two teams are neutral-court-even. The pressures already on - LSU.

I like this one. Maybe they’ll improve because of this game. The Hogs will learn a lot; I like playing LSU in BR early in the season…as we’ll grow.

But, maybe our Hogs will win. The Hogs 12-1 record, including two road wins, tells me that our guys can be competitive and that the game is winnable.

I really like what our guys have achieved the last three games. Each game has been close with about 10 minutes to play, and the Hogs pulled out each game for a win.

Certainly, I would have preferred a 20 point win, er, blow out against TAMU, but I’m also glad we made it into a real game.

I remain hopeful that one or two of our bigs can grow (improve) some more during the season. Maybe this is the start of that.

On the other hand It’s hard to not say I’m impressed with our coaching. Because something’s really been going right. Business as usual for the Hogs. Keep it going. WPS

I’m up-set MORE than a hog loves slop that I won’t be able to watch/see The Razorbacks game tonight. Especially since I have a feeling we may come home with a 13-1 record.GHG!!!

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