Big game tomorrow with murderers row coming up

We cannot afford to lose this series with ole Miss Auburn vandy and Mississippi State to follow. Be interesting to see how we come out tomorrow.

It’s important to win road series! The next few weeks its get rough! Ole Miss at Baum is a must win as well.
I was a little disappointed in the effort show at the plate today. Maybe DVH goes back to Goodheart tomorrow and we have a little mor fight at the plate.
I sure was hoping for a seeep at Bama!

It was a dreadful performance by pretty much everybody. Just shows you how quick things can change. 24 hours ago we were thinking we will we’re going to blow these people out and then we get blown out. Go figure. Scroggins better come out and throw the way he has been and not give them walks and hopefully we can field and throw the ball better than we did today.

I thought Trey Harris played OK in place of Goodheart. He had the double that gave Arkansas its only strong scoring opportunity, and had another good AB where he lined out.

I never expect a sweep in conference play, and especially not on the road. I expected - and still expect - Arkansas to win the series, but I thought it would be 2-1.

Matt it just seemed like they were flat today! I may be wrong for expecting a seeep but I do want the series win!
There’s no team in the SEC undeated in conference play after today.

It wouldn’t be the end of the world if we lost the series,


remember we won the opening game in four of five road series last year, only to lose the next two in each instance. We need to get that out of our heads.

Your right about losing road series last year after winning game 1! But last year we won our home series and were near unbearable at Baum! I just hope we can win a few road series and earn a super!

yes we need to break that trend of losing the road series b/c the home schedule we have this yr will be next to impossible to sweep all them like last yr.I “think” we are better than Bama and Auburn and Texas Am so we should win those road series IMO.

Cannot lose to teams whom you are better. You just can’t because this league is too tough for that. Also, they are 1-2 in the last 3 games with those two losses being poorly played and pitched. We know that DVH will not put up with that.

It is one thing to get beat by good teams. It is quite another to not play or pitch well and to walk away games. No excuse for quality pitchers, and I assume our guys are or they would not be there, to walk more than 2 or 3 a game. Make them hit their way on. You have 7 guys back there to help you. Just don’t try to be too cute with the pitches.

Doc beat me to saying this but I could help but remember when we lost so badly yesterdday that our pattern last year was sweep at home then to win Friday night & lose on Sat & Sun on the road. I’m ready to break that today.

I wasn’t shocked we lost yesterday, but this is the first time all year we combined horrible pitching with horrible batting. I don’t know if the Bama pitchers were that good or if our batters were just out of sync, but we never really threatened. Still, I thought we could overcome that 3 run deficit. Once it became 5 with bama still batting in the 6th, I figured we were out of it, but damn, that was ugly.

I think (hope) our pitching is much better today, but it won’t matter if we don’t put up 5 or 6 runs. It’s not realistic to expect to get 10+, but we should expect at least 4 even if 4 isn’t enough to win.

It’s still early in the season. Coaches are learning who they can use out of the bullpen and in what roles. I think this road trip has been beneficial in telling in who is trustworthy on the back end.

As for losing on the road, I thought that was a little overblown last year and I don’t think it has any bearing on this team because of the large roster turnover; there might be seven players still on the team who were playing meaningful innings in those games last year.

Plus, look at the teams Arkansas lost to: national seeds Georgia, Ole Miss and Florida, national semifinalist Mississippi State, and LSU. Had Arkansas played Alabama or Tennessee or Missouri last year on the road, I’m certain the results would have been different. It was just a weird way that the schedule broke.