Big East - Big Media Mouths - WHATEVER!!

All the east coast/Big East homers can suck it. We’ve had our share of bad breaks, but the rule is the rule - all the guy had to do was make some attempt on the ball - but he shoved with two hands and tripped. There’s zero grey-area. Regardless, J. Barfight was headed for a layup or an easy dish with the Hogs in the lead and in control of the game. Our kids made the big plays…Moses was beast-like, Dustin was the X factor, and with so many great guards, we can survive when one or two of them are a bit “off”. The only issue that they must clean up is boxing out for defensive rebounds…no excuse for all the opponents getting inside position when they’re on offense. NC is big, athletic, and talented - but if we take care of business, it can be within striking distance coming down the stretch. I don’t know if the Heels are in the kind of physical shape our guys are, but there’s little chance they (or anyone in the tourney) are better conditioned.

I’d love to see Arlando and Anton kick it into high gear - and there’s a Trey Thompson emergence that can erupt at any time!

It sure is great to be back in the big mix. SOOOOOOOOIE!!!

The ACC / Big East invitational ( the Dance) has shown the superior conferences are not quite as dominant as advertised! And to top it off why would the NCAA have a commercial promoting a game between Kansas and Kentucky! This whole thing is about money! And when you run into the blue blooods you may not get a fair shake.

I think it’s great that we are having these discussions. I noticed on ESPN and Twitter, that there is a lot of talk about the NFL draft. AR just had its pro day. Made me think last year at this time I was trying to figure out who Dallas would draft, and where our guys would go, this year I’m still talking about basketball. Great to be discussing our guys still playing.

J. Barfight. Love it!

I don’t drink or goes to bars! But it for sure if I’ve got to get in a scrap I’d sure be proud for Bardford to be on my side.
Bardford has heart and fire. He will not back down. I just hope as a team they can keep their emotions under control and channel their energy in a positive way!

Nobody messes with Jaylen Barfight!!

Barfight - spot on! Never a nickname more fitting!