Big Dan and the NITpickers Ball

Like many, I was a little miffed to learn that the big fella had already packed his bags for South Beach rather than extend his winter and his Razorback career with an all expense paid trip to Providence. Heck he could probably have even parlayed that trip into a trip to Bloomington later in the week. After having a day to marinate on this, my disappointment has weaned. For one thing, this is not 1970 and no D-1 coach in his right mind is going to turn down the NCAA tourney to NIT pick, as Al McGuire did with his Marquette team that year. Nor will this consolation party be an opportunity for college basketball’s all time leading scorer and showman to finally showcase his talents on a national stage as Pistol Pete did his senior year. It won’t even begin to make up for the slight that Eddie Sutton’s second Arkansas team received when they failed to win the SWC tournie in 76. My first reflexive instinct was to wonder how Czar Perry’s former first mate could let his teammates down like that. After pondering the situation a little further, I realized that he probably did everyone a favor. More PT for Reggie Cheney, and we finally get to take the Ethan Henderson doll out of the box and see how it works. Something good could come out of this. So I’ll just thank Big Dan for the two great years he gave us. He sure was fun to watch and hope he is drafted high and makes a lot of money. I don’t think we’ll see another like him anytime soon, and if we do it won’t be for two seasons. All the best big fella. Now let’s go fry some Friars and hose some Hoosiers and dance all the way to the garden.