Big compliment for Chad Morris

A guy that communicates with a very highly respected person in college football said the person thinks very, very highly of Morris. He thinks he would a great hire.

This is someone not connected to Arkansas.

So, you know a guy who knows a guy who thinks Chad would be a great hire. Is this trickle down economics?

The barber in Yellville?

Sorry - could’t resist after my past post and what has gone on. I think he would be as good almost and perhaps better. Thanks Richard.

Many thought Belemia was a great hire at the time. Whoever we get we won’t know if it was a great hire for a few years. Sad state of affairs. :frowning:

I’ve talked to one coach who has seen a Chad Morris practice. He said it’s a joy to watch.

Agree. To be honest, I really haven’t had an opinion on Morris because I didn’t know much about him. The more I ask around the more I’m impressed. If I mentioned the guy’s name that thinks so well of Morris, I think more people understand why I posted this.

Unfortunately, that’s almost always the case. We just don’t know until they’ve proven themselves through the course of a few seasons. Even when they have immediate success (e.g. HDN at Ole Miss, if not at UA), one never knows if they can sustain it with their own recruits & perhaps a couple of staff changes. OTOH, initial shortcomings don’t necessarily mean they won’t be great. (e.g. Saban lost to ULM & others his first year at Bama.)

All we can hope for is that whoever we get can come in & win over the fans, salvage recruiting on short notice, & starts to build the program with as much immediate success as anyone could reasonably hope for. Right now, I’d love to see 7-5 & a bowl win next year. Anything better would have me singing.

Just PM me, Richard. I promise not to tell. :smiley: