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Can Beilema Ball work on The Hill with our apparent recruiting disadvantages? We must have dominating offensive and defensive lines to make BBF work effectively but we struggle in those areas. I really like CBB and want him to be successful but feel that some system changes may be necessary.

What is it you consider Bielema ball? Everyone who used those type of phrases seem to think he’s 3 yards and a pile of bust. Austin led the league in passing this year and we were 3rd in SEC in team passing the last 2 years.

Arkansas needs a dual threat QB in the worst way

You must have good linemen no matter the system. That is football 101. Doesn’t matter what plays you call or how you line up on either side of the ball.

Where did you hear that a dual threat QB is a must for Pro Style?
I understand that you need to be able to read a defense, go through progressions, and play within a system.
I also understand that a dual threat QB is not required to do the same in many HS schemes that use dual threat QBs.

I think in today’s game - especially in a league with as much defensive speed as the SEC - we need to make opposing defenses respect the ability of the QB to beat us with his legs.

The goal is to win the west and it’s been clearly shown you can’t beat a Nick Saban coached Alabama team without a QB having dual threat capability.

A Pro-style dual threat QB. You do realize that is a VERY rare QB? We need to worry about talent to beat LSU, A&M, AU, Mizzery, etc before we get focused on Bama.

Sure it’s rare - but I think a dual threat QB is essential to winning the west or even competing for it consistently. If you can’t find dual threat pro style QB’s then perhaps the offensive philosophy needs to be reconsidered.

Funny thing. You look at the recruiting rankings, and QBs are labeled either dual threat or pro style. Either/or. Not both. I don’t think that a dual threat pro style QB exists. Johnny Manziel and RG3 were dual threat. So is Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson. Now can Watson make all the throws an NFL QB needs to make? It appears he can. But is he a pro style QB? No. (As an aside, I saw a pro scout quoted this week that Lamar Jackson has zero chance of making it as an NFL QB).

Now if you’re talking about somebody like Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson or Aaron Rodgers, a pro style QB with the ability to extend a play with their legs, yeah, that would be nice. How many of those are there? I think I just exhausted the list. And remember who Russell Wilson played for at Wisconsin.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. It can be done. Might need to change the offensive style to attract good running QBs, but it can be done. But Bielema won’t do that. No way. He’s locked in.

What type of QB is Dak Prescott, dual threat or Pro Style?

I like having a Pro style offense that is different from the “me too” Spread, so teams have to adjust for game week to deal with a unique offense. I also like that we will put players in the NFL via the Pro Style. Enos has created a diverse offense that is quite good.

I would say Dak is a dual threat Qb with some pro style skills. He is rare…

There are certainly lots of things about which to be worried. Bielema being “locked in” offensively sure doesn’t seem to be one of them.

How much different is Enos than Jim Chaney? Who led the league in passing this year? What school was 3rd in SEC in passing the last 2 years?

I see Bielem labeled as 3 yards and a cloud of dust. I’ve asked–even in this thread–why that is and there is never a response.

If you want to accuse Bielema of being locked in, defensively, I think that’s a much more correct analysis (although rare are the established coaches that change their entire system in mid career).

I don’t want to see us so what everyone else is doingZ I think being a true, balanced, productive pro-style offense is currently one of our best selling points.

As for having a pro-style, dual-threat QB that would require something none of you want to hear–development.

There aren’t many (any?) who perfectly fit that description and if they do they are highly coveted by the blue bloods.

The examples I can think of off the top of my head are Fitzgerald (MSU), Hurts, Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson.

All of those took (or are still) developing. Watson is the best of the bunch and one of the best players in the nation and he had the second most INTs in the NCAA.

Fitzgerald, Hurts and Jackson put up huge #s but struggled to throw the ball against good defenses.

I have little doubt that you all would be very patient as we developed a dual-threat pro style QB in the Secw.