Big BB news

2020 target Moses Moody is looking to set up a date for an official visit to Arkansas.

He’s ESPN’s No. 20 prospect in the nation for the 2020 class and the No. 6 shooting guard.

Awesome news, I been waiting to hear where we stood with him.

This the same news from the basketball targets looking to visit this weekend or were you referring to someone else in that post?

Someone else. It’s only one kid. I got the impression it was going to be more than one but not so.

So in your opinion, where do we stand with Moses?

Don’t have a strong opinion.

Hmmmm…an official before junior year? Can’t those only be unofficial for him at his current classification? Could be wrong.

Any chance he is thinking about reclassifying to the 2019 class? I don’t know how that works but we are seeing this ALOT nowadays. … ial-visits

You can now start official visits September 1st of junior year.

Basketball juniors can start taking OVs on Aug 1.

That is correct, but I agree the visit is about 10 months too early. A lot can change in the program in a year.

You can take plenty of other unofficial visits, but I think it is best to take your “official” shot as soon as you can with somebody of this quality

Right, but is there not a limit to how many official visits a player can take? Of course if you used up your OVs, you can then take an unofficial visit to any school you want and there is not a whole lot of difference between official and un-official in what you can evaluate.

Same as it has been - 5

Outside of Portis , Mike has not had much success getting these high-level Arkansas kids. And no one knew Daniel was going to be what he turned out to be. Hope Moody makes his own calls…stays away from handlers. And the Monks. If we don’t get him, I’m hopeful it isn’t Kentucky, sick of that business decision bs.

In terms of star ratings, that’s not true. He’s gotten quite a few top Arkansas kids, in fact, he’s gotten most of them. It just seems that people tend to remember the ones that went somewhere else other than the ones that stayed in state.

Not according to 247. Since Mike has been here, he has landed 10 of 31 in state recruits (with ratings per 247) between 2012-2018 that were listed. 7 or those were in the 2017 and 2018 classes. Now two (Manny and Ibby aren’t listed) So from 2012-2016 (5 classes, he landed 3 of 22 in state players).

Are you implying (even stating) that Anderson has OFFERED AND WHIFFED on 21 of 31 Arkansas kids? I seriously doubt he’s offered 31 in state kids.

I am assuming you are talking about 5 star Arkansas kids. There have been 2 since Mike got here. He got Portis and lost Monk. Hard to draw a trend line from that. Goodwin was done by the time Mike got here.

If you are including KeVaughn Allennin the discussion, then you have to include all 4 stars and high 3 stars. Mike lost Allen and Curry, but got Gafford, Henderson, Beard, Joe and the trend looks be shifts Mike’s way. From all accounts, Curry was barely an Arkansan and Allen was dead set on not going to UA.

I said nothing about offering or whiffing. I replied to the above comment about getting quite a few of the top instate kids. Until the last two classes, that is simply untrue

2011 - Landed top 3 in-state kids
2012 - Only in-state kid offered was Goodwin and missed on him
2013 - Portis was only instate kid offered landed him. Dederick Lee was offered and committed early, but staff backed off when he didn’t progress.
2014 - Beard and Thompson were the top in-state kids landed both of them
2015 - Kevaughn Allen was the only in-state kid offered missed on him
2016 - Monk and Curry were the only in-state kids offered missed on both of them. Mitchell Smith was offered early, however the backed off the offer when he didn’t progress.
2017 - Landed the top 3 in-state players
2018 - Landed the top 4 in-state players

He missed on Goodwin, Allen, Monk, and Curry. Those were the only players that had committable offers that did not choose the Hogs.

Top instate kids that did choose the Hogs under Anderson with legit offers… Madden, Mickelson, Ross (didn’t qualify), Portis, Beard, Thompson, Garland, Gafford, Hall, Joe, Henderson, Sills, Ali.

So by my count that’s landing 13/17 in-state kids with committable Hog offers.

Gafford was a composite top 40 recruit, on some sites he just missed being a 5-star, before he committed he was drawing interest from blue blood programs, believe he had a Kansas offer. It was a surprise he turned into a potential lottery pick, but him being a big time talent wasn’t a surprise at all, Hogs just locked him up early, if he wouldn’t have committed early we would have had a battle landing him.