Big basketball recruiting win for South Carolina?

GG Jackson, #1 ranked player in class of 2023, has decommitted from North Carolina and reclassified to 2022 and all signs point to him signing with South Carolina Gamecocks.

I get the reclassification, but why South Carolina?

Because he’s a Columbia kid. I’m sure he was getting pressure to stay home.

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Makes sense. I didn’t really dig into it. Guess he doesn’t care if he wins.

Just guessing, but I’d imagine NC didn’t have a 2022 scholly available. Maybe he wanted to stay in the general geographic area and SC was one of the few colleges with a scholarship available? This is really late to tell a current scholarship player that they need to move on in order to make room for GG.

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I suspect all he cares about is where he’s drafted next summer. One year as a Chicken is just his internship for that.

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Spot on.

A lot of gamecocks fans believed he was headed to SC prior to Martin’s firing, but alas we saw how that turned out.

The correct points were made above. After reclassification UNC didn’t have a spot for him and his hometown team did. Nice coup for Lamont Paris

We should also give him credit for staying home and giving his home school some boost in recruiting and exposure, Of course, Anthony Edwards did that for Coach Crean and Georgia, but didn’t help Crean. But that may have more to do with Crean.

I think you are spot on. The transfer UNC just got plays the same position.

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