BIG Basketball news coming?

Anyone know what Rivals is talking about on twitter?

They posted BIG Basketball news coming today.

Hopefully it’s about Black committing to us.

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Was that from the local Rivals? I saw a headline “B1G basketball news coming” from National Rivals. They were referring to the Big Ten conference (B1G now) news item.

I hope you saw something from our local Rivals.

it was from a local guy here in arkansas

It’s not as big as you guys think. RD and DD already spoke about it two days ago

What is it?

BIG … but not as big.

Thought that was pretty clear.

Black getting to play HS this year?

As noted thread, Anthony Black tweeted that he was going to be eligible and then deleted the tweet.

That decision has not been made public yet so it was taken down.

Should be officially out there in a few days and he remains very interested in Arkansas.

Anthony has played in 9 of hist team’s game in an 11-0 start.


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