Big A and M alum raves about Nick Starkel

I was at the National Governor’s Association before a roundtable with another private sector guy and huge A and M alum when talking about where each other from etc.

He says that Starkel has an amazing arm and can hit speed on stride like few in college ball.

Says he’s not very mobile. But if you want to complete a pass, he’s the guy.

Says we won the lottery with him if we are moving into a passing oriented attack.

I am very impressed with his arm, his confidence and - most of all - his mental make-up.

I believe he would still be the QB at A&M if not for that injury as a freshman and there wouldn’t have been a coaching change.

I agree, I think he’s the most talented QBs we’ve had on campus in many years.

Really hope he picks this offense up fast. I like Hicks and he’s a good qb, and I think he can win us some ball games, but I think Starkel just has more of the “it” factor along with more talent.