Big 3 Tournament on CBS 2:00 today Triplets & Joe Johnson

I didn’t realize Joe was playing in this Big 3 Tournament again this year.

edcit: nice team. Joe, Al Jefferson, and Pargo starting.

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Thanks for the heads up.

Man ISO Joe still has it. 34 of 50 points. One on one, no one is better.

What a comeback by Joe! Down 11 and Joe makes a 10-0 run. Then hits a 3 to win the game. He also sets a new scoring record with 37 points. Previous record was 33.;

Game set and match

Dang, I missed it. When do they play again?

They play next Saturday. Teddy Gipson is also on the Triplet roster.

Aren’t they playing in Vegas? I’ll be in Vegas Saturday. Definitely gonna try to get tix.

At Orleans Arena.

Ah, that’s a pretty nice basketball arena. That’s where Arkansas played in a 4 team tournament in Mike’s 2nd year here. I went there with a “then” girl friend from VA Beach. We played (and lost) to AZ St and Wisconsin. I don’t remember the 4th team. That is the first and only time I met Dudley, and his then, I believe, new wife and ex high school sweetheart. We played (and lost) to AZ St and Wisconsin.

Jeremy, if you are staying on the Strip, the Orleans Casino and Hotel is only a couple blocks off the strip. We were staying at Paris and it was only a 5 or 6 block cab ride, if I remember right.

Thanks, Harley. Actually I’ve been to Vegas almost annually since my 21st birthday in 1993…my dad took me. Now, I’ll be celebrating my 49th with dad and some of my best friends later this week. Definitely looking forward to watching Iso Joe and the boys! We are staying at the new Sahara.

Congratulations. Very cool that you can celebrate with your dad and friends. Have a blast.

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Congratulations on the 49th. You have now assumed the responsibility to give us an eyewitness report. Looking forward to it. Enjoy it young man!

Thanks, PJ. I’ll do my best. Haven’t had a vacation in over 2 years. Really looking forward to it.

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