Big 3 Men's sports

It sure seems like all 3 major Men’s sports are currently in good shape. Lots of ground to make up in football, but seems like we are on the right track.

Made me reminisce a bit, thinking back on my favorite sports year of the 3 major sports. We have had several examples of 2 out of the 3 teams having a great season in the same year, but never really all 3. For me, my favorite 2 years were:

Football: 11-1. Finished #3 after destroying OU in the Orange Bowl
Basketball: 32-4. SWC Champions. First ever Final Four, 3rd place. Finished #5.
Baseball: 31-13. 2nd in SWC. No postseason, but set the table for the first CWS team the following year

Football: 10-2. Won SWC. Ranked in top 10 much of year. Lost to Tennessee in Cotton Bowl
Basketball: The beginning of a great decade. 30-5. Won SWC/Tourney. Final Four. Finished #4.
Baseball: 47-15. Won SWC. Lots of players returned from CWS team, but lost in regional

Any years you remember to be better than these?

1978-79 wasn’t bad.
Football 9-2-1, tied for second in the SWC, 10/11 in the final poll. Tied the bowl game with UCLA but ran out of time; we had a long punt return into field goal range on the last play of the game but the clock ran out and we couldn’t try the kick.
Basketball, Elite Eight (U.S. was tripped), 25-5 record, SWC champ, SWC tournament champ, #5 in both final polls
Baseball, CWS runnerup, final record of 49-15.

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