Big 12

…might want to reconsider playing football this year.

I bet Oklahoma State, Baylor and TCU are breathing a sigh of relief their games were postponed. Something’s in the water today.

The mighty Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina are beating Les and the Jayhawks 28-3 at halftime.

You guys see who Texas Tech survived against…

TT has achieved a new low for their football program.

Most high school teams in TX could beat Houston Baptist.

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Arkansas lost to North Texas, San Jose and WKU. All in two years. Just sayin’. Tech at least won the game. Not sure we’re in any position to laugh at others.

Don’t believe anyone was laughing at TT. Pointing out they too have reached a new low in their program.

HBU is not NT, SJ, or WKU caliber. They have 3700 students, only 6 yrs of football, & with a stadium of 5k & record attendance of 4k.

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The beauty of having a cupcake free schedule like our’s, is that you can’t be the butt of jokes for losing to a cupcake.

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