Big 12 issues "cease and desist" to ESPN

The gloves are coming off…

Bowlsby has the most wacked signature I’ve ever seen by a non-doctor.

I don’t doubt that ESPN’s fingerprints are all over this. I think they told Texass LHN was going away and they need to find more money to replace it.

I strongly believe espn brokered the OU/TX move and further believe they run college football now.

Any idea who ESPN was trying to leave with tx and ou?

ESPN wanted a few/some of the remaining Big 12 members to go to another conference, thus making the exit fees UT and OU owed to the non existing league a moot point.

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Boy, all of those left out (and those tied to the “left out”) sure are butt hurt about this whole thing. But we all know if they were “in” their feelings would be much different. This was a heck of a move by the SEC!

That’s funny on the signature, I was looking at that before I even read the letter wondering if his name was even a part of it

Yep…I noticed that weird sig as well…

ESPN needs to stay out of this. I understand the financial stakes. I understand ESPN has been the driver in a whole lot of past re-alignments, etc. However, I also see this as tortious interference with a contract. I don’t blame the Big XII.

I fear the day that ESPN decides we’re not a big enough name to suit their interests. Not saying it will happen, but I don’t like the way this has come about. Certainly don’t like the talk about there becoming 20-team leagues.

But I also know none of us have any say in the matter. The inertia is there. I just hope the UA ends up in the right category. The remaining Big XII teams are screwed. One or two of them might end up in a decent conference (like the SEC, Big10 or PAC 12), but the rest are going to have a hard time of it.

At the end of the day, this will probably help put more money in the Left Behinds pocket, and perhaps make sure that they are still seen on ESPN in the second half of the decade.

They probably will sue ESPN, the SEC and some of the other conferences, and maybe OU and UT. But it’s really doubtful to me that those lawsuits would grind along all the way to a trial in three or four years, for a couple of reasons.

First, discovery might reveal some very uncomfortable facts for the Left Behinds-discussions as a group or individually before the Cease and Desist letter(or even after) with other conferences about leaving the much smaller XII.

Second, at the end of the day these schools need to do business with ESPN in some manner. They need access to those media platforms and revenue streams, and going to trial against the potential buyer for your games is not the way to secure media deals for the future. So…at some point they are going to have to cut a deal for a probable very large chunk of cash and some sort of media rights contract with whatever conference(s) the Left Behinds are members of at the time of the settlement.

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