Big 12 going with 9+1 football schedule

Play G5 teams or ACC teams for the NC games?

Also reportedly looking at starting in mid- to late September.

Oklahoma canceled its game at Army because it was to be played in West Point. The Big 12 is requiring the nonconference games be played on a Big 12 campus.

The Sun Belt announced today that its teams can play up to 12 games - eight conference and four nonconference. My guess is the ACC and Big 12 will play regional Group of Five or maybe even FCS teams for their one nonconference game.

I suspect OU will play Petrino and Missouri State. Not much travel in that.

I would have liked for the SEC to play 9 and 1, but I guess they wanted to keep it in the league in hopes of better controlling the pandemic situation.

I don’t see how they’re going to pull off getting 12 games. A couple of smaller leagues have cancelled the season completely, 3 of the P5 are limiting themselves to conference games. Only the ACC & Big 12 are allowing any non-conf games. I’d think the most likely beneficiaries of the nc games with those teams are ones already on the schedule.

I heard today that ASU has not only lost its game with Mich, but also its game with Howard. It might be able to pick up UCA for one of those dates if UCA is open. It’d be hard to find another one. Of course, that assumes UCA’s conference will allow several non-conf games & that they have the same dates open.

ASU may end up playing UCA out of necessity. SWAC (UAPB) has already shut down. If they can play 12 at all. Right now their NC games are Memphis and Tulsa.

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