Big 12 expansion list trimmed down

A bunch of AAC schools and BYU. Amazingly, Arkansas State did not make the cut :roll:

Sounds like if the Little Dozen does pull the trigger on expansion, it will be with 12 teams again, not 14. Which will do nothing to stabilize the LD when its TV deal runs out.

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I’ve read a couple of articles on that. The one I found most interesting was from the Sporting News that skewered the conference for the way it’s conducted this whole expansion business–including taking applications from schools it never would under any circumstances consider. … uv14e6e69j

I think Arkansas State may benefit from Big 12 expansion. The Big 12 may pick from The American, which may have a trickle-down effect on conferences like the MAC. ASU would fit in well with both of those conferences, which are less driven by TV markets. I think ASU’s recent football success is appealing to those conferences.

Most of the schools that applied for Big 12 membership won’t want to jump from one mid-major conference to another, but ASU will because any other conference is going to be better than the Sun Belt. I actually think that’s why ASU put its name out there - to draw attention to the fact that it wants to move.

They are picking from a list of lightweights. You lose Nebraska, Texas A+M, Colorado and Missouri and try to replace them with schools equal in prestige, but you can’t. Texas just can’t leave well enough alone. They are primarily responsible for the decline of the Big 12.

If I were Oklahoma, I would bolt for the SEC even if they are required to bring Oklahoma State. That is, if the SEC would take them…Oklahoma State, I mean…which I think they would. 8 teams in each division.

That would leave the Big 12 to twist in the wind and maybe fold.

It is amazing to me the Big 12 would consider some of these schools. They are in a bind, I guess.

There is a very good chance, I think, that this will happen when the Big 12 media contracts expire. Which is in 2025, I believe. Eight years of semi-stability, then all bets are off.

As for Texas acting solely in Texas’ interests, well, that’s why we signed on with the SEC 26 years ago. That, and we wanted to avoid being odd school out when UT arrogance inevitably destroyed the SWC.