Big 12 debates bribing UT-OU to stay

Fetch, Baylor. Roll over, Okie Lite. Good dogs.

Desperation. And that’s the kind of the thing that has Texas being the bad behaviored kid that it is.

And that’s why nobody wants to be in a league with TX.


But yet they are begging them to stay. lol.

That’s not the thing you’re going to see from the SEC.

Texas is not soliciting the bribe. The Desperate Eight is floundering and will try anything to keep big brother around.

If they went fishing for another league on us, we’d tell them not to let the door hit them on the way out. The SEC doesn’t have exit penalties. If Misery decides they’d rather be in the Big 14, see ya kitties.

Well I wonder would the SEC beg Bama to stay if they decided to defect take Auburn with them? Not that Bama would do that now (because of the evil $$$$$), but I wonder.

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They didnt have to solicit the bribe, but you can bank on they expected it.

TX has rarely wanted the competition.

And certainly not an SEC football schedule (unless they can have permanent weaker opponents included).

They have paid handsomely to keep a smaller school conf together to beat them (short of last decade)

TX is about money and leverage and they have both in large ways.

They see an advantage from independent status to a Big 12 or SEC they will take it.

And once a foot in door, don’t ever think they won’t be reminding SEC of TV set leverage daily and work on new deals for their betterment.

Frank knew this back when and Everyone knows this now.

TX to SEC good for us financially? Absolutely.

Let them in.

But once in they will over time dictate terms and conditions just like we experienced before.

An extra several million TV sets and advertising revenue for the conference kind of gets you that if not immediately, over time.

We need to make friends with them now while we have the chance because they will ultimately own the place.

And I don’t like that but not sure we have luxury of that kind of leverage.

We will take the extra money and hopefully beat them with a pride we have shown in years past.

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IMO Texass came to the SEC with hat in hand. They need the SEC more than the SEC needs them. Many of us think their day of dictating to fellow conference members will be over. It will be interesting for sure. Teasippers begging to join the Big Boys……so funny!



Now isn’t this interesting.

The Big 12 owns Oklahoma’s and Texas’ first- and second-tier media rights for football and men’s basketball until June 30, 2025. The Big 12 would still hold those rights until then even if the schools left for another conference.

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Does ut really bring that much tv exposure to the SEC once the other Big12 teams scatter to their new conferences? We assume all Texas televisions are focused on ut & forget that much of Texas population is primarily transplants from CA & elsewhere as well as other Big12 schools that will no longer be playing ut. Over the past 2 decades, NFL & other pro sports have been evolving into being the primary focus over college sports in Texas & will be more so after the Big12 dissolves. It was assumed the longhorn network would be the huge success that it wasn’t. Many expect that SEC exposure & tv market in Texas would still grow significantly even if ut went elsewhere & as the Big12 goes away.

My thoughts on TV exposure is that Texas and OU have the cachet to attract viewers in Pennsylvania or California or Virginia that are flipping around on Saturday afternoon, where an Ole Miss-South Carolina game may not.

“Much of Texas population is transplants from California and elsewhere”? You gotta be kidding me. In the Austin and Dallas areas, maybe. But that leaves about 22 million people that aren’t.

UT roped ESPN into a bad deal on LHN. They couldn’t get it carried on national providers because, outside Texas, nobody really gave a damn, and 25-odd million Texans weren’t enough to change their minds. That’s why I think ESPN is all over this move to the SEC, and might have even strongly suggested that UT go somewhere with better TV revenue because LHN was in danger of going away.

Since '90 Texas population has grown from 17 million to almost 30 million in 2021. With almost 3 million of those 17 million in '90 being transplants from PA, NY, & other northeastern states during the late 70s & 80s Texas boom/NE decline, that leaves a small % of native Texans & Big 12 followers.

A big part of the Texas population & the boom has been the influx from Mexico. With almost 40% of the total Texas population being Hispanic who watch soccer, not football, doubt many of those approx. 12 million care or even know where or who ut plays in football & other sports.

Kidding yourself to believe that a large percent of Texans are glued to local college & ut sports. That percentage is nowhere near what is was 30 or 40 years ago & declining. Cable is a big part of that decline in the focus of local sports.

Agree completely about the influx of immigrants from Mexico and Central America. It was obvious when I lived there (1992-2006) that there were a whole lot of people crossing the Rio, legally and otherwise, and that’s continued.

Regarding US migration, I have some personal experience with that. My brother in law at the time is an OU grad, got a job in the oil business in San Antonio, met a pharmaceutical rep who had come to SA from St. Louis. Got married, relocated to Houston eventually. Their kids both started out at OU, but one transferred back to A&M. So they’re now Sooners and Aggies. Point being, some of those people who moved in may be attached to schools somewhere else, but their kids wind up as Horns or Aggies or Mustangs. Just as we get some recruits from NWA whose parents moved in to work for Walmart.

Grew up in Houston, in the 70s when everyone was tied to their SWC loyalties. The largest nearby HS, Lee, was big 5A football. Now that HS no longer has football, only soccer. The demographics & local sports loyalties are not what they used to be. When my son graduated from a large Plano high school, Big12 loyalties were minimal, but surprisingly Arkansas was one of two colleges of choice there in 2016.

Agree with you about kids adopting loyalties to parents’ schools. However, when ut & aTm have room for only the top 6% (top 50% when I graduated), a big % of students must look elsewhere & why SEC schools enrollments from TX are ballooning. Schools like TT, Bayor, & TCU may struggle. Fortunately my son followed my path & that of my parents to Arkansas. Wish that UofA would continue to open enrollment & grow to take advantage of available high achieving students but understand the limits of campus infrastructure & being landlocked. Curious to see the new Chancellor’s take on enrollment will be.

What some schools have done for burgeoning enrollment is create a satellite campus across town. I think WVU did that in Morgantown. Duke has three campuses in Durham but they’re all adjacent so I’m not quite sure what the point of that was. Maybe UA buys some land somewhere and puts some stuff off the main campus.

Always thought UofA should move the law school to southern end of campus (currently MLK/Razorback parking) & use the existing law school building to expand core undergrad courses & add class space. I suspect the intramural fields west of Razorback Rd will someday be dorms, living facilities, or classes with those sports fields relocated towards Baum Stadium area or elsewhere. Saw a great design for twin 10 story dorms &/or classes with connected elevated deck/eating area & with underground parking garages on the property that is currently surface parking between RRS & Maple. No doubt costly but very cool & efficient use of space.

Hadn’t seen that, but I had seen a proposal where that parking area would be underground, or at least covered, with a tailgating area above it, similar to the parking area under the current football practice fields. But dorms would be a better use of the space.

I think you’re referring to Razorback Rd. Arkansas Ave is in front of (east) Old Main. Razorback Rd is west of the stadium & runs down to Baum.

As for the area between RRS & Maple: are you talking about eliminating the “pit” & putting dorms there? Wouldn’t that destroy the view into RRS coming down Maple?