Big 12 basketball

Big 12 got walloped by Big East 8-2 in the annual Big East-Big 12 challenge. Seton Hall and Butler were the only two Big East teams to lose. Is this a down year for the Big 12?

On the other hand, looks like the Big East is slowly getting back to the status it once enjoyed, especially with UConn rejoining the league next year.

Seton Hall, Villanova, DePaul, Xavier, Marquette and Butler are picked to make the NCAAs by at least one service.

Lou Carnesecca’s old team might be in the running for a spot for the Big East also.

Not quite. Joe Lunardi has 8 of the 10 Big East teams in his latest bracketology and St. John’s is one of the two left out. Only having two returning players that contributed last year is probably the reason Lunardi thinks SJU is not going to fare well when conference play starts. Makes sense to me.

As I understand what Lunardi is doing, he doesn’t try to project the rest of the season, but what would happen if Selection Sunday was today. So if he doesn’t put the Red Storm in now, he doesn’t think the body of work so far warrants it. I think their bad loss to Vermont might be the issue.

Right. Vermont was a good loss when it happened because they took Virginia to the wire on the road in the game before. Since then, both Vermont and Virginia have been inconsistent and have bad losses.

Can’t argue with Lunardi. He is spot on usually.

He’s been trending us down as well, now has us as a 12 seed in a play in game

I can see why. We’re winning close games that shouldn’t be that close. Beat Indiana, that will change. Get blown out at Indiana, we’ll drop out.

I don’t see us getting blown out. No worries.

Might also drop out with a close loss. But it’s December. Twenty games remaining before SECT. Lot of time to move up, down or both.

Watched St. John 2 or 3 times this year. Not sure about the competition but they have good size and athleticism across the board and anderson is doing a good job w them I think.

As far as Arkansas, no expectation for our guys because I think the size differential and lack of depth will start to show when league play begins. Plus our SEC schedule is tough. But I think coach muss will have a great game plan for each and every game, depends if kids are on or not. Very impressed w our coach so far.

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SEC better win Big 12 Challenge this year to get SEC up to peaks in bids last two years. If not could dip to 2-4 bids. Hogs don’t have to out run bear of Kentucky, Auburn and Florida but just outrun rest of SEC.
Big East beat big12 8-2 with Seton Hall beating Iowa State before losing at Iowa State in rematch. As a result 9 Big East teams got AP poll votes vs 3 from SEC. Why is St Johns on national tv every game on FS1, FS2, Fox, espn or cbs like they SEC Kentucky while our Hog games
streaming? Making a sweet 16 may change our TV game quantity in 2021 or so.

Don’t think SJU has been on CBS. They have been on ESPN just once because of being in the Al Attles Classic against Arizona. A national TV game. Rest of games have been Fox networks who has a contract with Big East to televise every game. There is no conference network like SECN for Big East. So, their games are all on Fox networks, Fox, FS1 and FS2, which does not do live streaming that I know of. I could be wrong on the last statement.

OAt my house I have seen every StJohns game on Fox Sports Network 1 or 2 unless on espn2 or espnu. In 2020, they have two cbs games and 2 fox network along with rest on Fox Sports.
The point I was making is a team in NY is on my Cable tv every game on their schedule while I have to stream Hog games on Apple TV until sec network kicks in non Kentucky team games in 2020. In essence the Big East is showing all its teams games not just Villanova whereas SEC Network except Kentucky mostly streams non Conference Hogs and only nationally televise all the sec conference games. Fortunately, I’m a long time Hogs season ticket holder so I watch stream as replay to hear what broadcasters said without using space on my cable tv recorder. I want all Hog games on my cable not just Big East and Kentucky. Only game I missed was Ga Tech on ACC network since that isn’t on my cable. I saw “The Shot” on highlights though!

I 100% agree with your post. Extremely frustrating.

I get your point now. I thought you were zeroing on just SJU and not all Big East. Yes, I agree that our Hogs are not getting a fair deal.