Big 10 Tops Sec in Revenue … 686089002/

A lot more TV sets up that way.

Yep…they did last year too.

Big Ten Network is 51% owned by the conference so they get 51% of the profit. SECN is entirely owned by ESPN which then pays the conference a rights fee. More risk for the BT that way but also more profit, and BTN is widely carried (unlike Pac-12)

Nope…first time SEC has been surpassed. … ution-2017

That may be but the Big10 has a deal w both ESPN and the Fox Network worth 2.64 Billion. … port-says/

That too. They’re set up to make a ton of money, thanks to all those TV sets Richard mentioned. Jim Delany is earning those bonuses. You’d think they wouldn’t mind sparing some money for a third assistant in baseball and softball but NOOOOO.

They cannot play base or soft ball up there until July.