Big 10 teams make more from TV deals than SEC - Why?

Primarily because of CBS and their refusal to modify their agreement with the conference when A&M and Mizzou joined. Doesn’t look like the CBS eye will be watching SEC games when their deal expires in 4 years.

The silver lining? We might actually get some more objective/critical comments on games they do broadcast over the next few seasons. After all - if they’re not going to be an SEC partner in the future, they won’t have to parrot the company line. Looks like that’s already starting. … pens-next/

That’s a fascinating article.

I had no idea.
I remember what big deal and supposed bonanza for the SEC the CBS deal was in the day.

And it is interesting to think about how much clout the SEC carried without a footprint in the major metro areas of the country. There was really only Atlanta and south Florida before A&M came in.

Actually I think it was Birmingham back in the day. I predict the next contract will result in much more money for the SEC.