Bielema's tweets yesterday and today....

Yes. It’s a ridiculous complaining to complain complaint.

We have posters that I assume have to have miserable lives and more miserable spouses. Some people are always upset about something to a point that they are obnoxious in their rants. We have a few that won’t let go of an issue and I guess it is because they may think they can change our minds if they say it enough? I love debate but I can’t stand the scorched earth style of posting by some that hurts the overall board experience AND casts a negative image on our program and fan base.

Amen to that!

Complaining about baby momma’s is a no win situation.

Just ask Travis Henry. He has 11 kids, with 10 different baby momma’s…

I think Larry Johnson must have told him to get some real baby momma’s…

Best. Post. Ever.

Rumor has it, baby #2 was conceived in Little Rock, during a scoreboard malfunction at WMS. Travis was so embarrassed, he went into the tunnel to vent with baby momma…

Just win…thats really all the fanbase and contributors want

i get the tweets…the HS kids love the attn
I get the hype videos…certain ppl like that
i get the AD pushing the GPA…wait, no i dont get that

what i dont get is getting to the next to last game and last game and losing both in the same completley falling down fashion…the zoned out look in both the coaches and players eyes

No way to cut it…2016 was not progress…and most of the 73,000 or so fans dont come to support a team or coach in his 4th year to see an end result of 7-6

I read that as typical wife of a coach. They hate recruiting season and that’s what is going on now. Coaches are on the road. It’s non-stop. And, there is usually the added stress of hiring assistant coaches. The life of a Division I college assistant coach is pretty crazy as far as hours. There are a few down times, like in the summer. Bret decided to make that work, too, by adding a film crew to their vacation time. I’m sure that seems like work to the wife, too. She doesn’t really get him during that time, either.

Right now, there are fans that want to make anything that happens a chance to type a few sentences on a message board or even their Twitter account to make sure the coach, the wife (and sometimes the players) know that what happened last year was unacceptable. And, that is the way it is across Division I football where there are wins and losses on a daily basis (with recruiting) or anything else you want to decide is the game of the day.

Not saying it’s right or wrong, but just the way it is.

Young and stupid is seen as someone who needs to grow up.
Old and stupid is seen as just plain stupid.