Bielema's tweets yesterday and today....

His Twitter has recent posts of him on the road recruiting, or this morning preparing to travel out (dog sitting in a suitcase). Then Jen has a Tweet today saying he “works his ass off.”

Maybe he’s feeling some heat. The Tweets seem to be pretty telling. I probably wouldn’t do this if I were him (or Jen), but whatever.

He’s tweeted pretty much everywhere he’s gone, recruiting or vacation, since he’s been here. I doubt he stops. Now for Jen, she’s just pulling a Tammy Wynette.

I think you’re trying to read too much into nothing. He’s tweeted pictures from his recruiting trips since he’s been here.

I know he has. I look at his Twitter all the time. But the “works his ass off” comment coupled with the Tweets to show us all he’s out on the recruiting trail seem a little extraordinary. But maybe I am reading too much into it. I’ll leave room for that.

Means nothing but that he is still doing his job.

Stop picking the Fly Shi* out of the Pepper. There’s nothing to your concern.

As the old saying goes, “I don’t care about the labor, just let me see the baby.”

He gets paid a lot of money to “work his a*%% off”, so I do hope he is doing so.

There has been more additions than subtractions for CBB since arriving at Arkansas…

A highly paid coach had a bad year and his supportive, newly pregnant, hormonal wife tweeted a benign (and probably 100% true) tweet that he works his butt off.

Ya. Let’s get on them for that. Real controversial stuff there. Good grief. Get a life.

Let’s give the man and his wife a break. Doubt the language of any of his tweets have any hidden meaning. They’ve tweeted–and I’m glad they have–since they’ve been here. At least they haven’t used the word “karma” in any of them.

And I bet you will be at the head of the line with criticism of how the baby looks. I am aware this is a message board and is a forum for different opinion, but how many times and many ways do you think it takes for us to know you are dissatisfied with Bielema?

Each time he does something questionable – which is a lot lately – you may hear something. But you go ahead and keep enjoying all the winning under Bielema, Anderson and Long. I’ll try not to interrupt your enjoyment of that bunch.

Certainly not the mother saying that.

That’s ok, interrupt all you wish, and I will keep enjoying my version of being a fan and you keep on enjoying whatever you call what you are doing.

Question the stuff that deserves questioning. That’s fair.

But, good lord. The guy has been tweeting about his recruiting trips. The kids he is recruiting like the mention (without mentioning their names), particularly coming from a HC. That doesn’t happen with every HC.

But, when you start whining about his pregnant wife tweeting an appreciative tweet about him working hard, you just really sound petty and ridiculous.

I’m not real happy with what has been going on, but, when you start complaining about stuff like that it’s just really dumb and unnecessary.

Way to keep it real, though.

I merely pointed out a Tweet from Jen that could be interpreted as lecturing fans about his work ethic – how dare it be questioned? Go read it. There are other interpretations, too. But when your coach’s football team is not very good, some fans are going to interpret it in a negative light.

It’s worthy of note, especially given her ill-advised “karma” Tweet right before a 3-9 season. And look at Wisky now. Better program than Arkansas.

I’d like to see less talk and more results going into year 5. If you disagree, fine. Whatever.

Uh Wisc was better than us when he left there and came here also so what is ur point??

Oh my goodness. Jen’s tweet was a birthday wish to her husband. I think y’all are overthinking and over-parsing.

Much ado about nothing.

50 million other things to complain about more than tweets - especially from the baby momma